DetelPro launches Pulse Oximeter – DI-OXY1

Affordable fingertip pulse oximeter

DetelPro launches Pulse Oximeter - DI-OXY1 with a 1-year warranty

DetelPro, health and hygiene vertical of Detel announced the launch of affordable DI-OXY1 fingertip pulse oximeter. This medical monitoring device claims to perform fast and accurate measurement of oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The newly launched product is priced at Rs 799 + GST and will be available for purchase for consumers on and for distributors, partners, and corporates.

According to the company, DetelPro DI-OXY1’s medical-grade finger mold device is easy to wear as it has a self-adjusting finger clamp, and the design allows easy operation. The device delivers fast and accurate readings. At the same time, it is durable and has the ability to fit a range of finger sizes from infants to adults.

The device measures SpO2, heart rate, pulse intensity, and perfusion index in one device. In addition, it alarms the user if your SpO2 and pulse rate are above the set limit. When not in use, DI-OXY1 pulse oximeter fingertip automatically turns off.

According to the company, the product comes with 12 months of warranty and manufactured as per CE and FDA compliance and guidelines.

Commenting on the same, Yogesh Bhatia, chief executive officer and founder, DetelPro, said, “Quality is the key benchmark for any product – especially healthcare. That has been the motive of DetelPro since day one, providing feature-rich quality products at an affordable price. Our DI-OXY1 meets the requirements for both accuracy and cost-efficiency. The launch of Pulse Oximeter by DetelPro comes as a great relief in the current Covid – 19 pandemic as SpO2 (Saturated Partial Oxygen) measurement is the vital parameter for the patients who are suffering from Coronavirus.”

DetelPro is rapidly bringing new products to market to address market demand for critical health and wellness products such as DetelPro Range of Digital Thermometers, DetelPro Face Mask ‘Yoddha’, as well as hand sanitizer products and other innovations in development. The company is preparing a B2B and B2C strategy to make its products available via partnerships with national retailers and direct-to-consumers through its website.



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