Japanese company Kiyou Jochugiku launches “Air Doctor” for prevention of virus in India

The Japanese technology releases antimicrobial agent chlorine dioxide to protect from airborne disease

The Air Doctor Portable

A Japanese based company Kiyou Jochugiku has launched “Air Doctor” in India. The Air Doctor is a portable product that helps to prevent viruses, bacteria, and fungus within a 1-meter radius. The product Air Doctor contains sodium chlorite, natural inorganic substances (natural zeolite) which helps in the prevention of viruses. Air Doctor can be hanged on chest, pocket, or bag and this Japanese based technology releases antimicrobial agent chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to provide ultimate protection against airborne diseases such as influenza, cold and flu, allergy, H1N1, pneumonia, tuberculosis, recurrence respiratory infections, etc. This product is also advisable to patients living with Asthma and immunocompromised like hypertension, diabetics, heart disease, cancer patient under chemotherapy, etc.  Even children, pediatric and pregnant women can use it. The Air Doctor product is approved worldwide by the WHO, USFDA, Occupation Safety, and Health Administration and The Japan Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor.

Jitendra Bhatt, chief executive officer of Access BioImage, the Indian promoter of the Air Doctor says, “At this crucial time, when we are fighting against various diseases and virus this product will be useful to scan the virus within a 1-meter radius after wearing the Air Doctor. The portable product which is like a batch can be used by everyone including educational institutions, healthcare and hospitality industry, private and government offices, policeman, flights, banks, showrooms, restaurants, public transport, aviation, etc. The product can also be placed inside or outside air condition to prevent air borne disease.”

Air Doctor claims that it uses a new generation of virus prevention, sterilization, and deodorization techniques. There are 3 variants:

a. Air Doctor Fan that has 90 days effect and advisable for the use in hospital

b. Air doctor Mobile which prevents virus and bad odor

c. Air Doctor Mobile portable which effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungus, bacteria, and viruses, and both the mobile versions last for 30 days.

Jitendra Bhatt further adds, “It is beneficial for all the citizens working on essential duties and can use the Air Doctor portable to prevent themselves from virus exposure.”

The product is not accessible to use underwater and exposure to high air should be avoided.


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