MG2 and Sensilab partner in nutraceutical market

A new MG Compact supplied to the Slovenian nutraceutical manufacturer

spoon with pills, dietary supplements on vegetables background.

Despite the general difficulties, it is a positive year for nutraceutical products since this kind of product has been chosen to support health in response to the serious uncertainty caused by the pandemic that broke out in 2020.

The use of food supplements, which are considered as a tool to protect against the symptoms of Covid-19, has had a good trend during 2020 and in the first half of 2021. Sales volumes, in fact, showed 3.8% growth for a turnover of 760 million Euros (+5.7%).

Vitamin C products, for example, have grown by 133.6% compared to 2019 levels, while immunostimulants have seen an increase of 78.9%.

OTC and supplements are therefore the segments that have held up the most in terms of sales of products without a prescription, with a peak in the eCommerce, which began in the early days of the pandemic. Indeed, the beginning of March 2020 is the period in which it witnessed the greatest growth that is an increase of 65.3% of the turnover, equal to +80% of sold end products, compared to 2019.

It is exactly in this context that MG2 becomes a protagonist, thanks to both its long-standing cooperations with leaders in the nutraceutical industry and its ready-to-deliver machines which have allowed its customers to respond to the challenging demands of a constantly growing trend.

Sensilab, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is one of the most active customers in the sector. Since 2005, the company has been working both in the online sale of its products and in the production for third parties with distribution channels throughout Europe, thanks to its strong commercial network.

Sensilab, which is a long-term MG2 customer, already uses two MG Compact, continuous-motion capsule filling machines for small and medium-sized productions, bought in 2013 and 2018. These two machine models reach a speed of up to 48.000 capsules/hour and they are equipped with statistical weight control systems and one powder dosing unit.

In 2021, to increase its machinery, Sensilab has chosen once again MG2 and an MG Compact capsule filling machine, thanks to different factors: the high level of confidence developed in many years of cooperation, the reliability of widely tested machines, the need for prompt delivery service.


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