Nanopharm announces expansion to enable full services solutions

New facility includes cGMP testing, biologics characterization and particle engineering capabilities

Nanopharm’s new facility will include cGMP testing, biologics characterization and particle engineering capabilities for OINDPs

Nanopharm, an Aptar Pharma company and leader in contract research and development services for orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs), has announced expansion plans to better support increased customer needs. The new facility in Cwmbran, Wales will create an estimated 60 new employment opportunities and allow Nanopharm to substantially increase its full services capacity, including the expansion of its formulation and analytical capabilities, to facilitate the rapid growth of its business.

Nanopharm has signed a long-term lease on a nearby building that is four times larger than its current premises in Newport, Wales. At 25,000 sq ft and spanning three floors, the facility has been completely redesigned to house state-of-the-art research and development, and analytical laboratories, with construction expected to be completed in early 2022.

Building on the company’s heritage and belief that fundamental materials science drives
behavior in aerosol science, the addition of new characterization and analytical capabilities
as well as increased capacity will enable Nanopharm’s scientists to provide specialist
services, benefit from in-house evaluation and facilitate the customers’ desire to get to the
clinic quickly, yet safely. The new analytical laboratories will also be cGMP compliant to allow Nanopharm to further support its customers through their new product development process.

Nanopharm – access to a range of new micronization techniques

In-house particle engineering capabilities will be significantly expanded, including the
installation of a one-of-a-kind spray dryer with world-class flexibility and scalability to multiple commercial platforms. Moreover, Nanopharm will have access to a range of new
micronization techniques to enable unique formulation approaches for sensitive molecules
including biologics, as well as the manufacture of complex suspensions and powders including nanoparticles for both inhaled and nasal products.

Plans also include the addition of a potent suite giving Nanopharm the ability to handle OEB
(occupational exposure band) Class 5 compounds, BSL (biosafety level) Class 2 biological
materials and a license to handle schedule 1-5 controlled substances, which aligns with the
direction and needs of the industry.

Aside from the contract development and analytical services, the new facility will also provide ample research and development space for Nanopharm’s team to develop the next generation of services and technologies to continue its work at the forefront of the industry. Flexible laboratories that can house equipment on a short term basis, including customer-owned assets, where appropriate, will give Nanopharm the flexibility to use the best tools for the project. Dr Jag Shur, vice-president, Science & Technology and co-founder of Nanopharm, commented, “We are excited to take the next step in our expansion to support our customers by not only offering more services, but also having the bandwidth to work on more cutting-edge technologies to maintain our position as pioneers in the industry. This is how Nanopharm became successful from our inception, and with more people come more bright ideas, so we want to make sure we capitalize on the opportunities that the ever-changing OINDP landscape brings.”

Added Guillaume Brouet, vice-president analytical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Aptar Pharma, “Nanopharm continues on its exponential growth curve and has long outgrown its existing facility. This investment truly demonstrates Aptar Pharma’s commitment to supporting the growth of Nanopharm and our belief in the added-value it has to offer customers as part of our diversification into offering full-service solutions.


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