Omron strengthens engagement with Alivecor with series eInvestment

Reinforcing cross-company alliance for remote cardiovascular condition management

Photo - Omron

Omron Healthcare announced on 24 November 2020 an additional investment into AliveCor by its parent company, Omron Corporation, as part of a US$65 million series eFunding for the leader in AI-based personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. Omron led this round of investment, reinforcing the cross-company collaboration that began in 2017. The companies continue to build on their global alliance to accelerate the development of cardiovascular disease management solutions and remote patient monitoring utilizing ECG technology.

“Omron is committed to developing life-saving cardiovascular health technologies in pursuit of our ‘Going for Zero’ vision to eliminate heart attacks and strokes. It is a lofty goal and, as we said when we evolved our vision, we cannot do it alone. That is why we seek like-minded partners, like AliveCor, to advance our initiatives and work together to save lives,” said Isao Ogino, president, and chief executive officer of Omron Healthcare.

“Over one billion adults are hypertensive worldwide, and their risk of stroke is nearly five times greater if they also suffer from Afib (atrial fibrillation). Hypertension is also an underlying health condition that increases the risk of complications with COVID-19. The ability to monitor both blood pressure and heart rhythm at home is essential for early detection, treatment, and management of these cardiovascular health conditions.

“Our alliance with AliveCor will help enhance our current technology portfolio and provide hypertensive patients and healthcare professionals with data that can save lives–a complete picture of patients’ cardiovascular health that can be achieved with personal remote monitoring technology used at home. We continue to explore and develop new technologies to enhance the accessibility of home monitoring that help people to manage their condition, and will engage partners like AliveCor to ensure this technology is best-in-market, further accelerating our remote patient monitoring business to achieve our goal, Going for Zero,” said Ogino.

Omron’s expanded investment into AliveCor builds upon the companies’ ongoing collaboration. Omron expanded its blood pressure monitor portfolio with the launch of “Complete,” the first blood pressure monitor with ECG capability in a single device. The first FDA-cleared technology developed in collaboration with AliveCor in 2019. Currently available in the US at and participating retailers, the expanded distribution of Complete is expected in other regions globally during its fourth quarter.


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