The Himalaya Drug Company introduces mouth dissolving tablets for immunity & cramps

On-the-go tablets for quick relief, dissolves within 180 seconds

Himalaya Drug Company
Q-DEE range of mouth dissolving tablets for immunity and cramps

The Himalaya Drug Company announced the launch of Q-DEE mouth dissolving tablets ─ Q-DEE immunity and Q-DEE cramps. According to the company, Q-DEE Immunity helps relieve the early onset of flu and common cold symptoms such as sore throat, cough, sneezing, and nasal congestion. It also helps in strengthening the immune system. Q-DEE Cramps help reduces discomfort during a woman’s monthly cycle and eases abdominal cramps.

Conventional tablets follow certain protocols such as specific administration time and need for water, while mouth dissolving tablets are easy to consume, convenient to carry, and taken on-the-go. Q-DEE tablets from Himalaya usher the new era of formulations that quickly dissolve within 180 seconds, leading to a faster onset of action, it said.

“We, at Himalaya, aim to offer well-researched herbal solutions to consumers for their well-being. Today, with fast-paced lifestyles, consumers are looking for quick, yet effective results. The mouth dissolving tablets range from Himalaya disintegrates rapidly and dissolves in the mouth, eliciting quick action. The pocket-friendly packaging aims at providing easy consumption. Q-DEE Immunity and Q-DEE Cramps are instant, on-the-go solutions that provide quick relief from the respective conditions,” said Anil M Jiandani, business director, Pharmaceutical Division, The HimalayaDrug Company.

He further adds, “We are all exposed to trillions of germs daily. The risk of infections is much higher in poorly ventilated and crowded areas. Repeated infections due to lack of immunity are a health hazard and may be associated with acute exacerbations such as cough, cold, sneezing, and sore throat. Hence, Q-DEE Immunity comes in as a handy and quick solution. Q-DEE Cramps offer quick relief to women suffering from cramps, allowing them to manage their work and routine, without any discomfort.”

The launch of Himalaya Q-DEE Immunity and Q-DEE Cramps is the first in the range of Q-DEE Mouth Dissolving Tablets ─ a step towards providing Ayurvedic solutions in a convenient format. The company soon plans to launch more mouth dissolving tablets for other health conditions as well.

Q-DEE Immunity Mouth Dissolving Tablets are formulated with the native extracts of Tulsi, Yashtimadhu, Lodhra, and Shanta, which are known to strengthen the immune system and help provide relief from common respiratory symptoms of the flu and common cold. These mouth dissolving tablets have no artificial flavors or sweeteners, or colors to retain their typical herbal appearance, taste, and palatability.

Q-DEE Cramps is developed with Cinnamon and Licorice’s extracts, which are known to relieve muscle spasms. Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) is a common problem in women. The pain and cramps impact a woman’s quality of life, personal health, and work productivity. Therefore, it helps ease abdominal cramps and other associated symptoms such as sweating, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea that occur just before or during monthly cycles.

The company said Q-DEE Immunity and Q-DEE Cramps are available in a pocket-friendly pack of eight tablets each at all leading chemist outlets, online stores, and, priced at Rs 30 each for consumers across India.


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