Roche launches Ventana DP 600 slide scanner for digital pathology

Ventana DP 600 to help in identifying cancer in a patient

Roche Ventana DP 600 slide scanner for digital pathology Photo: Roche Diagnostics
Roche Ventana DP 600 slide scanner for digital pathology Photo: Roche Diagnostics

Cancer accounted for more than 10 million deaths in 2020 and is considered the leading cause of death worldwide. However, if identified early and treated appropriately, many cancers are curable. Roche’s new slide scanner, the Ventana DP 600 introduced currently, produces high-quality digital images of stained tissue samples that aid in identifying cancer and determining the treatment for that patient. The new solution that Roche has come out with will help the digital switch-over of pathology with better healthcare systems.

As per a press release, Roche announced the launch of the next-gen Ventana DP 600 slide scanner on 28 June 2022. This superior slide scanner provides clear quality stained histology from the patient’s blood samples while providing an easy and flexible pathology lab.

Thomas Schinecker, the CEO of Roche Diagnostics, stated that the newly introduced tool significantly contributes to the growth of personalized healthcare. The scanner, combined with the latest AI Image analysis algorithms, is perfect for overseeing that every patient receives the best possible treatment plan. It has created several openings for better teamwork and remote diagnosis that help save lives in places with less access to pathologists.

Roche’s Ventana DP 600 provides high-quality digital solutions

The Roche Digital Pathology portfolio that includes the newly launched Ventana DP 600 slide scanner provides new tech-aided high-quality digital solutions that program tissue diagnostics and equip pathologists to provide faster and much better value diagnostic results for healthcare workers and patients. Traditional histopathology is being transformed by digital pathology, which increases workflow efficiency, analytical depth, and opportunities for cooperation.

Once the slide scanner takes and converts stained tissue on glass slides to digital images, they can be managed, shared, and checked by pathologists. It can help decide treatment for a cancer patient. This new 240-slide scanner helps anatomic pathology labs further digitalize their workflow.

Both Ventana DP 200 scanner (earlier model) and the new scanner bring out the same innovative optics and vibrant technology for high resolution and high-quality color images that correctly give out the image quality seen by the pathologists under the microscope.

The entire Roche Digital Pathology system maximizes pathologists’ special education, abilities, and vision. Innovative slide scanners, patient-centered pathology workflow software, and image analysis algorithms are part of a comprehensive Roche Digital Pathology solution, which functions in unison with the entire Roche tissue diagnostics portfolio.

The latest entry to the Roche Digital Pathology portfolio is the 240-slide, high-intensity brightfield Ventana DP 600 slide scanner that provides a flexible workflow for multiple biological pathology labs.


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