NJM launches Dara coolvacuum freeze-drying equipment

This freeze dryer fits for R&D labs and commercial fill-finish packaging lines

NJM has launched Dara coolvacuum freeze-drying equipment
NJM has launched Dara coolvacuum freeze-drying equipment to North America. Photo: NJM

Coolvacuum, freeze-drying equipment by a global manufacturer, Dara Group, has the properties of offering turnkey solutions for freeze-dried injectable drugs. NJM has introduced the product to the United States and Canada. This equipment is believed to become a helping hand for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and contract packers to achieve the highest product quality standards.

Quality is a priority for any pharma and biotech industry. Precision in every aspect and step is a must. To meet the highest quality standards, NJM has launched Dara coolvacuum freeze-drying equipment embedded with a range of lyophilization solutions. This small yet standalone freeze dryer is perfect for R&D labs and large and fully integrated systems for commercial fill-finish packaging lines. The equipment has been designed with Scada software for FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance to meet FDA, GAMP5, and GMP regulations.

NJM aims to offer aseptic, turnkey, fill-finish lines in freeze dryers

According to Tom Kesler, Dara product manager at NJM, “NJM, in collaboration with Dara, aims towards offering aseptic, turnkey, isolated-based fill-finish lines in their own freeze dryers. Our features include providing best-in-class equipment, seamless integration, and a single contact point for planning, installation, and aftermarket support. Our lyophilization solutions enable the customers to use these lab-scale freeze dryers for R&D and clinical trials and use the same process technology for high-speed manufacturing on a commercial scale.

Along with laboratory freeze dryers, pilot freeze dryers, and commercial freeze dryers, Dara specializes in manufacturing a wide range of equipment for pharma and biotech liquid filling, syringe, and pen device assembling.

Dara Pharma understands that there is a requirement to invest in complex and reliable production lines for the continuous evolution and development of drugs and their routes of administration. This gave the reason for the company to create the complete and most advanced range of multiformat equipment in the market. 


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