Aptar Pharma and RDD Online partner in organizing RDD 2021 virtual conference

Virtual conference RDD 2021 to connect pulmonary and nasal drug delivery experts

RDD 2021
Aptar Pharma- Virtual RDD 2021 conference

Aptar Pharma, the leader in respiratory drug delivery solutions and RDD Online, organizers of Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) conferences, are pleased to announce their co-organization of Virtual RDD 2021, which will feature live discussions between May 4-7, 2021, and extended on-demand access to presentations from April 27- June 30, 2021. This virtual conference breaks traditional barriers between speakers, poster presenters, and exhibitors to connect pulmonary and nasal drug delivery experts worldwide.

In response to the global pandemic, co-organizers RDD Online and Aptar Pharma have reimagined how delegates receive critical updates and interact with one another. As such, the renowned RDD Europe conference series continues this year as an innovative and exciting virtual event, which will bring the latest developments in respiratory drug delivery to a broader global audience on a timescale that respects everyone’s additional commitments during the pandemic.

“RDD conferences have been bringing the respiratory world together for years, but this year, RDD 2021 unites scientists and clinicians in industry, government, and academia with renewed purpose,” said Richard Dalby, one of the RDD conferences organizers.

Professor Gisli Jenkins, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, will deliver the keynote presentation addressing Alveolar Injury and Fibrogenesis’s Mechanisms: Developing Stratified Approaches for Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment. Themed Knowledge Spaces at RDD 2021 will deliver one-stop access to presentations from U.S. FDA, academic and industry experts, poster presentations from established and up-and-coming young scientists, and workshop presentations’ latest product developments and services innovations within the respiratory field. The RDD 2021 Knowledge Space themes are:

Pulmonary Progress: Respiratory Science Responds to SARS-CoV2 and Lung Diseases
Propelling Inhalation Forward: Tools to Facilitate Low GWP Propellant Transition
Towards Greener Connectivity: Balancing the Needs of Patients and Our Planet
Perfecting Inhaled Particles: Advanced Inhaled Formulation Science
Front and Center: The Nose: Evaluating Regional Nasal Deposition

From the Knowledge Spaces, delegates will have the opportunity to connect in real-time during Explore with Experts moderated discussions between 4:00–6:15 PM CET on each day of live RDD 2021 events. RDD Messaging and Meeting scheduling will allow experts and delegates to interact both during and after the conference.

RDD 2021 will include the widely sought-after Workshop Presentations, which enable delegates to discover new solutions, explore opportunities and enter into dialogue directly with the workshop presenters. This year, Conversations with Workshop Presenters will take place on Thursday, May 6 at 5:15 PM CET.

Throughout the conference, delegates will have access to the latest, innovative research, presented as on-demand 10-minute Poster Presentations. The peer-review team has selected the best poster abstracts, which will be presented and discussed during the popular Posters on the Podium live discussion on Friday, May 7 at 4:00 PM CET.

Aptar Pharma, Diamond Sponsor of RDD 2021

As a global leader in delivering respiratory solutions for asthma and COPD, Aptar Pharma is proud to be Co-Organizer and Diamond Sponsor at RDD 2021. It will host a workshop to review some of the challenges and possible solutions to lower CO2 footprint pMDIs. The workshop, entitled “Next Generation Of Low CO2 Footprint Inhalers – How Can We Manage The Transition Together?” will be co-presented by Chris Baron, Director of Business Development in Asthma and COPD Aptar Pharma, and Segolene Sarrailh, Inhalation & New Products Laboratory Manager at Aptar Pharma.

Carolyn Penot, Director Operational Marketing, Aptar Pharma, said, “While we can’t be together in person this year, there hasn’t been a more important time to assemble to discuss issues and opportunities in the respiratory space. We’re proud to have worked with RDD Online to create what is sure to become the new standard in virtual conferences.”

One of the largest respiratory health conferences worldwide, RDD 2021 promises to once again bring the respiratory world together at a reimagined virtual conference that will include the best features of an in-person event augmented by a design that is only possible online.

To register as a delegate for RDD 2021 or learn more about conference supporters, workshops, and exhibition opportunities, go to www.rddonline.com/rdd2021.


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