PharmaEdge: FDA compliant and more than just SCADA

B&R's integrated, out-of-the-box solution for the pharma industry

PharmaEdge is an integrated solution for the pharmaceutical industry – all the benefits of SCADA and a powerful control system in one device.

B&R has developed an integrated single-PC solution for users in the pharmaceutical industry to monitor and control their entire operations, which also meets the increasing FDA compliance demands. PharmaEdge offers all the benefits of SCADA and a powerful control system in one device. With possibilities to add energy monitoring, condition-based predictive maintenance, and MES/ERP connectivity, it enables the implementation of smart machines for the future of the industry.

Integrated PharmaEdge architecture

The integrated PharmaEdge solution helps users optimize their automation systems’ performance while simultaneously improving cost and energy efficiency. Instead of deploying separate control systems for process control, SCADA, energy monitoring, and condition monitoring, users get all this functionality in a single, integrated system with built-in cybersecurity. With this one-box solution, users will be able to monitor as well as control their entire operations.

PharmaEdge consists of a B&R industrial PC running a hypervisor solution with Linux and Automation Runtime operating systems. It offers machine and process automation libraries for easy configuration. There are no limitations to internal tags and no incremental costs for additional tags. Built-in features support easy reporting and historical data retrieval.

Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Quality, regulatory compliance, safety, easy track-and-trace, and efficient data access are the trademarks of a world-class pharmaceutical facility. PharmaEdge provides a quick and easy way to implement and customize audit trails. System manufacturers and end-users benefit from maximum security without having to implement organizational measures. Features offered by PharmaEdge include data archiving and retrieval, electronic signatures, batch reporting, access protection, and central user management, as well as audit trail and change management.


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