ILC Dover shows pharma and packaging solutions at CPHI & PMEC

Flexible isolators and Grayling packaging solutions main highlights

Ild Dover
Anand Chatti, technical support manager and Rupesh Patil, territory sales manager, ILC Dover.

ILC Dover showcased its powered air purifying respiratory system (PAPR) and innovative flexible-based isolator at the CPHI & PMEC show, an event for pharma solutions, organized at Indian Expo Mart, Greater Noida, from 29 November to 1 December.

A special engineering, development and manufacturing company, globally headquartered in Newark, Delaware, ILC Dover specializes in the use of high-performance flexible materials, serving the aerospace, personal protection, and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharma Innovation

“PAPR primarily protects the operator from the drug or the pathogen with a respiratory system inbuilt for hygienic respiration. To prevent contamination, which can spread if inhaled, the filters clear out the contaminants by providing better safety and breath-ability to the wearer in comparison to its filter-less counterparts. PAPR’s smart system design offers multiple filter and breathing tube options to ensure the assembly is easy to use. Its strong and lightweight blower delivers 8+ CFM airflow, which exceeds NIOSH requirements, while the design features improved ergonomics to support a range of user needs,” said Rupesh Patil, territory sales manager, ILC Dover.

Patil said the high-potential API and pharmaceutical industries were their main targets for CPHI. “Our flexible isolators are the first in the pharmaceutical industry. Every other industry uses stainless steel-based isolators, which have many drawbacks with their cleaning and installation. The flexible counterpart we are introducing in the market is free of many burdens. Cleaning, most primarily, is easier as the film is easily detachable and installable. It is much cheaper in comparison to the steel and glass models available in the market and it can be set up with relative ease at any quarantine site,” he said.

Packaging Innovation

Anand Chatti, technical support manager, ILC Dover said, “The Grayling form-fit liquid liners from ILC Dover are designed to reduce labor while minimizing waste and product residual during filling and dispensing bulk liquids. The form-fit liner is designed to closely match the interior dimensions of the intermediate bulk container (IBC) without creating any folds, creases, or gussets to trap material during filling or dispense.”

“Pillow drum liners are manufactured using two layers of an engineered 4mil low-density polyethylene film structure to provide durability, consistency, and performance. Pillow-style drum liners are offered with a standard fitment for easy filling and dispensing. Many processors will place the filled liner into a second liner for added protection. A pillow drum liner eliminates the need to “double bag” your product and provides much greater protection from leakage or spillage during filling and dispensing,” he said.


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