Constantia Flexibles’ focus on pharma solutions, Interpack 2023

360-degree material approach for the pharma and consumer business

Constantia Flexi
Constantia Flexibles has already laid the groundwork to revolutionize the lid market

Constantia Flexibles, a leading provider of packaging solutions, has announced its participation at Interpack, Dusseldorf from 4-10 May 2023. The company will demonstrate the performance of its materials in collaboration with 30 renowned international machine suppliers, highlighting its commitment to delivering quality products that meet the needs of its customers.

Constantia Flexibles will highlight its 360-degree material approach for the pharma and consumer business during the trade fair. “We are excited to collaborate with 30 machine suppliers at Interpack and demonstrate the capabilities of our materials,” said Marc Rademacher, executive vice president, Consumer Commercial. “Our team has worked hard to develop high-quality substrates that deliver exceptional performance, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with the trade fair audience. With our product range Ecolutions, we can prove that sustainability and performance go hand in hand,” Marc Rademacher adds.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the materials in action and learn about their benefits, such as increased efficiency and recyclability.

Highlights of the show:

Designed for the PE recycling stream: The EcoLam product family EcoLam laminates are based on polyethylene (PE) compounds developed by Constantia Flexibles. Oriented polyethylene (OPE), barrier OPE, and metalized high-barrier OPE (in combination with the appropriate sealant PE) will replace non-recyclable laminates such as PET/PE, PA/PE, or even PET/ALU/PE.

Several characteristics make the mono PE laminate EcoLam more sustainable and efficient than other products in its league: they are lighter than others, have a solid thermal resistance, and use a lower barrier polymer content due to the combination of processes and resins. Another advantage of the EcoLam Range is that its barrier properties can be customized to the product. All EcoLam grades are certified by RecyClass and are compliant with all existing sorting and recycling technologies commonly used at an industrial scale in Europe.

Based on mono PP: The EcoVer family EcoVer is Constantia Flexibles’ mono polypropylene (PP) offer which is available in different barrier grades: EcoVer, EcoVerPlus, and EcoVerHighPlus. Applicable on VFFS and HFFS lines, its high transparency, low initial sealing temperatures, its heat resistance, and stiffness facilitate the use for beverages, snacks, dairy, confectionery, home and personal care (HPC), pet care or processed food. EcoVer, a PP mono structure, is recyclable in the mixed PO stream.

Based on aluminum: die-cut lids that combine sustainability and versatility: Constantia Flexibles has already laid the groundwork to revolutionize the lid market. EcoPeelCover is the thinnest possible aluminum / coex die-cut lid which lowers the material use and weight but still guarantees an easy-peel for consumers. The new smooth-finish-embossing pattern significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal compared to traditional embossing techniques. Moreover, this advancement ensures perfect pick-and-place operations on the packaging machinery, further optimizing the process. At the same time, the reduced material thickness still provides seal-through properties and a high puncture resistance.

Constantia Flexibles strives for a 360-degree-approach consequently. In addition to the aluminum-based EcoPeelCover, it has developed specifications with multiple other substrates and presents die-cut lids based on these materials running live on packaging lines at Interpack. Highlights are the PPCover, a metal-free die-cut lid based on polypropylene, paper-based EcoPaperLid, and another more sustainable solution which is the rPETLid die-cut lid that is created from recycled plastic to reduce virgin feedstock.

Based on paper: The EcoPaper familyThe EcoPaper family consists of a wide range of recyclable paper-based packaging solutions. EcoPaperPlus is dedicated to medium-barrier applications. It is particularly suitable for products that require aroma and grease barriers, such as confectionery, snacks, and even home and personal care (HPC) applications. The material is available with a smooth or rough surface shine and is printable by Rotogravure, Flexo, or Digital. Paper FSC or PEFC certification is available on demand.

Constantia Flexibles also demonstrates its solutions in the Pharma sector:

Based on aluminum: Blister solutions for pharmaceuticals: Norma is a high-performance lidding foil for pharmaceutical blister packaging and its benchmark for lidding foils. It has been successfully utilized for more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical packaging market, not only protecting the integrity of pharmaceutical products but also supporting the preferred packaging format by patients and medical staff alike. A very versatile product that can be manufactured with different heat seal coating- and lacquer systems and printed with all in- and offline printing systems. Additional protection can be achieved by including our child-resistant or anti-counterfeiting features that help protect curious children and patients from potential harm.

Perpetua: sustainable packaging solution with high barrier properties: Perpetua is made of recyclable polypropylene-based mono-material. Its excellent barrier properties make it ideal for pharmaceuticals. Perpetua protects products in the best conceivable way from oxygen, water vapor, and light. This is essential to maintain the efficacy of medicines. Additionally, the product line is cyclos-HTP certified, meaning its recyclability is between 90 and 96%, depending on the individual material specification. Perpetua Alta is a high chemical resistance variant of recyclable laminates approved by RecyClass.

Velar is the packaging for pharmaceutical flow wrap and overwrap laminates based on PET/ALU/PE. It is designed to provide exceptional barrier properties against light, oxygen, and water vapor. Velar is recommended for the packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products such as blisters, inhalers, plastic vials, and diagnostic devices.


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