Mettler-Toledo’s pharma smart inspection tech at Interpack

New X2 Series of X-ray systems and product quality and safety inspection solutions

The product inspection technologies are designed to help pharma manufacturers boost productivity, increase product safety.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection is showcasing a wide range of stand-alone and fully-integrated automated smart product inspection systems at Interpack 2023. The advanced product inspection technologies on Booth A60 in Hall 11 are all designed to help pharma manufacturers boost productivity, increase product safety, protect brand reputation and reduce recalls. 

The full suite of technologies offers high-performing end-to-end inspection capabilities for liquid and solid pharma production lines. The key new technology launch at Interpack is:  

  • X-ray Inspection – X2 Series offers high detection sensitivity performance and enhanced product quality control to help reduce product recalls. With two x-ray inspection systems currently in the X2 Series, the X12 and the X32, this future-proof technology is now accessible for all budgets. 

“We are delighted to present such innovative advancements in product inspection technologies at Interpack,” said Rainer Mundt, head of marketing at Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, Germany. “We have designed a number of new inspection solutions to help make a real difference to pharma manufacturers who are looking to boost productivity, save bottom line costs, improve food safety and facilitate compliance. By showcasing our range of inspection systems and data management software we can help take pharma manufacturers towards a digitalized and sustainable future.” 

Visitors can view:

Beyond contaminant detection with x-ray inspection solutions

The brand new X2 Series is on the stand and is designed for the inspection of small and medium packages with a belt width of 300mm and 400mm. X-ray inspection solutions within the X2 Series are positioned to consistently deliver high detection sensitivity capabilities, protecting the safety and quality of pharma products. A key feature of the system is the ContamPlus software which enhances detection capabilities to identify a wide range of contaminants, including glass, metal, dense plastic and rubber compounds and more. The X2 Series is available in two models: 

  • X12 – A single lane x-ray inspection system with multiple features that delivers great performance at an incredible price point.  
  • X32 – An advanced x-ray inspection system available in standard and custom configurations, with single or multi-lane capabilities and integrity checks for outstanding detection performance.  

Alongside the new X2 Series, Mettler-Toledo is showcasing the X34C compact x-ray inspection system for pharma companies. X34C enables foreign body detection in small, packaged individually wrapped pharmaceutical products, such as blister packs and sachets at high production speeds. The X34C facilitates cost-efficient inspection for customers immediately after flow-wrapping or sealing of individual products. Thanks to its compact design with a footprint of only 700 millimeters in length, the X34C x-ray inspection system is perfectly suited for use in production lines with very limited space. X34C supports belt speeds of up to 120 meters per minute. This makes it possible for the first time to match x-ray inspection to the high speeds of many form, fill and seal machines, such as those used for packaging individual pharma products. 

Next level metal detection

Interpack visitors can also view two TablexPro Pharma metal detection systems, which offer exceptional sensitivity and stability in the inspection of tablets and capsules. A simple to use and robust failsafe design with a choice of reject devices makes these integrated metal detection systems a flexible and reliable product inspection solution for pharma manufacturers. 

Precision weighing with checkweighers

Furthermore, visitors will be able to experience the C35 AdvancedLine Pharma Checkweigher, a high-performance checkweigher that helps compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP requirements. This checkweighing solution offers brand protection by means of special options for process safety in the pharma industry and its modular design provides customization to effectively handle any package type. 

All Mettler-Toledo dynamic checkweighers are equipped with the new FlashCell Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) load cell technology, enabling precision weighing at speeds of up to 800 packs per minute. This advanced FlashCell EMFR weighing technology also allows the operator to determine whether, for example, the leaflet is included in each pack or whether the boxes are complete.  

Another innovative solution at Interpack is the StarWeigh Checkweigher which offers laboratory precision and accuracy at production speed for small, unstable and lightweight products, providing manufacturers a flexible and space-saving solution to their existing production lines. The StarWeigh achieves accuracies of up to ±5mg at production throughputs of up to 300 ppm and offers customized starwheels that fit package shape requirements for unusually shaped products. 

Serialization, aggregation and mark & verify solutions

Also on the Mettler-Toledo stand is the high precision weighing and Track and Trace solution, the new CT33 combination system for pharma manufacturers. Offering a 3-in-1 combination system which combines proven product serialization with high-precision weighing, the CT33 uses FlashCell EMFR technology and vision inspection of the product label and artwork. As a configurable combination system, CT33 is ideal for use in companies that want to integrate product inspection with completeness checks and track and trace functionalities as compactly as possible inline on a small footprint. 

The compactly designed T16 Manual Multi Aggregation is also available to view, showcasing how it performs semi-automatic aggregation of serialized packages and can verify product codes and label artwork for additional quality control measures using a high-resolution camera.  

The T11 Manual Mark & Verify technologies platforms shows Interpack visitors an intuitive solution to label inspection, using Smart or High-Resolution Camera technology where faulty labels are detected and removed before they are applied to products.

Some product inspection systems on the Mettler-Toledo Booth A60 are also available to buy during Interpack at a discounted price. 

Mettler Toledo is a global manufacturer of precision instruments and a service provider. The company ranks highly in a number of market segments and is a global market leader in many areas. It is a large provider of weighing systems and analysis instruments for use in laboratories and in-line measurement within demanding industrial and food production processes.


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