Marchesini Group at Interpack 2023

Sustainability and digital innovation in pharma industry

Sustainability, innovation, sterile and aseptic filling, inspection, traceability and tailor-made solutions are the group's USP in the pharmaceutical and the beauty industries.

Düsseldorf (Germany) – One of the global packaging industry’s most eagerly-awaited events is back. After the cancellations and postponements imposed by the pandemic, the Düsseldorf exhibition center is finally preparing to host the 2023 edition of Interpack, to be held from 4 to 10 May.

The Marchesini Group is also ready once again to welcome its customers, suppliers and partners at hall 15, stand A42 1-6, offering its usual warm hospitality in Italian style. Sustainability, digital innovation, sterile and aseptic filling, inspection, traceability and tailor-made solutions are the guiding motifs in the group’s exhibition experience, conceived as a journey of discovery through the machines, lines and services designed to meet the pharmaceutical and the beauty industry’s needs.

The stand, of more than 1,500 square meters, will accommodate about 50 machines and will be subdivided into various themed areas, including a zone dedicated to sustainability and the lines which package products with eco-compatible materials such as paper, recyclable mono-material plastics, R-PET and aluminum.

A specific area will also house process and laboratory machines for small and medium pharmaceutical outputs, while a large zone will focus on sterile and injectable drugs, displaying, beyond the aseptic filling line, a new no-contact monobloc machine for the high-speed automatic inspection of syringes, with integral denesting and renesting unit. 

Various stand-alone solutions will be on show, including one for counting, filling and capping solid products, not to mention secondary packaging technologies, including the new MA 360 cartoner.

The Group’s Beauty Division is making its first appearance, exhibiting a vast range of machines and lines for the complete packaging of cosmetic products. 

The stand will contain an area dedicated to the new frontiers in technology and artificial intelligence. Together with its partner Eyecan – a startup born from a Bologna University spin-off – the Marchesini Group team will provide a demonstration of how AI can be involved in robot picking applications. What’s more, artificial intelligence will be the foundation of the “Morpheus” predictive maintenance solution, full details of which will be available at the show, together with complete information about the customer portal (online digital documentation for machines, Service Platform for managing service requests) and augmented reality size change. 

Nemesy and MA 360

In the large area reserved for sterile and injectable drugs, at Interpack 2023 the Group will unveil a no-contact monobloc machine for the high-speed automatic inspection of syringes, with integrated denesting and renesting unit. This solution is the outcome of close cooperation between two of the Marchesini Group’s divisions: Corima, a Siena-based company specialized in technologies to guarantee the total sterility of the injectables production process, and CMP from Vicenza, which produces pharmaceutical inspection machines. 

The monobloc consists of a unit which performs robotized picking of the syringes from tubs/nests and feeds them into the inspection phase in a single row with no contact between syringes or with metal parts. 

The heart of this solution is inspection itself, which can achieve speeds of up to 36,000 syringes an hour. This part of the machine is able to contain up to 10 inspection stations to inspect every zone of the syringe: flange, stopper, particle detection, filling level, needle shield, defects in the glass walls and integrity inspection using HVLD (High Voltage Leak Detection) technology. 

The monobloc features five reject lanes which can be customized to differentiate the rejected syringes and is designed to deliver approved syringes in a single row, without any contact between them or with metal parts. Last but not least, the machine, which has a robotized unit for renesting the syringes in tubs/nests coming from the denesting station, can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories, including a camera to inspect for nest completeness and the relative syringe count, coding of the nest or tub by labelling, inkjet or laser printing.

In the stand-alone and secondary packaging area, on the other hand, the Group will exhibit the new MA 360, a high-speed continuous motion horizontal cartoner for packaging products in cartons with tuck-in or glue closure. This solution, able to produce up to 400 cartons a minute, completes a range of new cartoners featuring toothed belt main product and carton conveyors, which are increasingly popular and in-demand on the market. 

The MA 360 is compact, rugged, reliable and quiet; designed in accordance with GMP standards, it offers absolute visibility of the inside of the machine and the production cycle, while ensuring easy operator access. Systems developed during the design phase cut reduce energy use, as well as providing easy, simple size change. 

Another new feature of the MA 360 will be the new-concept HMI, with user-friendly graphics and design and new functions that ensure the greatest ease of use, thanks also to the Keba system for remote safe controlling of the machine.

The surprises in store also include a new, innovative-concept robot, which will be shown for the first time at Interpack, a special edition at which the famous restaurant serving traditional Bologna cuisine will also be in operation.


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