GEA introduces its separator lines for biopharmaceutical separation processes

Separator lines aseptic and pure are used in all pharmaceutical and biotechnological downstream processes

GEA's aseptic separator line (Photo: GEA)
GEA's aseptic separator line (Photo: GEA)

With the introduction of the new separator lines aseptic and pure under the motto “Energizing Pharma,” pharmaceutical specialist GEA is ushering in a new era for biopharmaceutical separation processes.

Based on GEA’s decades of expertise in the field of mechanical separation technology, GEA engineers have developed a new, fully comprehensive portfolio of plug & produce pharma separator systems that move harmoniously and perfectly between individual and process-related requirements and leaves nothing to be desired. 

The separator lines aseptic and pure are used in all pharmaceutical and biotechnological downstream processes. GEA’s aseptic separator line offers customers with highly hygienic processes gentle processing of, for example, human and veterinary vaccines, monoclonal antibodies (mAb), e-coli, insulin, starter cultures, and probiotic products

The pure line is used in applications with varying hygienic requirements such as nutritional supplements, therapeutic proteins, pharmaceutical extractions, and extracellular and intracellular enzyme recovery.

Perfectly adapted separation solution from GEA

The biopharmaceutical industry is united by a common denominator. It places the highest value on uncompromising hygienic design, process reliability, and high yield. However, the detailed requirements can vary widely depending on process regulations and specifications. GEA took this requirement profile as an opportunity to develop a separation solution for the biopharmaceutical industry that is perfectly adaptable in every respect.

Development to the highest GEA standards

The new pharmaceutical separator lines “aseptic” and “pure” were developed to the highest GEA standards at the German GEA Westfalia Separator plant in Oelde, where they are built and tested. The aseptic line stands for the highest hygienic pharmaceutical requirements. The pure line provides maximum variability and is perfectly tailored to the diverse process requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry.

All functions for pharmaceutical cleanliness requirements such as an automatic CIP (Cleaning-in-Place), SIP (Steam Sterilization in Place), simple validation, and a high-end qualification package are included. In addition, with the help of the cGMP validation process (“Current Good Manufacturing Practice, cGMP), the pharma separators support GEA customers in their quality standard reviews.


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