Imagining the future of single-dose packaging!

V-Shapes single-dose packaging for liquid and powdered products

single-dose packaging
Honeysty sachet with packaging

Sometimes when something new comes to market, it can be hard to imagine how it will fit in your product portfolio or change the way you package certain products. So V-Shapes, based in Bologna, Italy, has put that visualization in the palm of your hand. V-Shapes, an innovative supplier of vertically integrated products and services for convenient, hygienic, and sustainable single-dose packaging, has developed an innovative way to dispense single doses of liquid or powdered product using only one hand. Not only is this a more hygienic method of distributing products, but it is also very easy to use, and the sachets can be customized to reflect brand image and messaging.

single-dose packaging
Christian Burattini, chief executive officer, V-shapes

We have also made available a 3D configurator app that allows you to see how your sachets will look with your own brand applied, and we use virtual reality to show how the product is dispensed. Your video can also be recorded to be shared with staff and customers to get the message across as to how this new packaging method works.

Download the App

Available in the Apple Store or Google Play, simply download the new 3D Configurator App by V-Shapes.

In just four simple steps, you can easily upload the front and back graphics of the sachet you would like to design and simulate how the sachet will operate with different kinds of products – liquid, fluid, powders, granular material such as sugar, even more, full-bodied products such as honey or peanut butter!

single-dose packagingHow it works

In the app, we offer five different sachet layouts from which to choose, two different product types, and customizable content on the top and bottom. Then, once your sachet is configured, we use Augmented Reality to view the sachet opening and offer an option to record it as a video if you wish! You can see it for yourself right here.

With a brand-new idea such as V-Shapes single-dose sachets that can be opened with one hand, with no leakage, mess, or fuss, sometimes having the actual product in your hand is the real selling point. We’re happy to send you samples so you can see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how attractive these sachets are, how easy to use, and how safe they are even in purses and pockets – the product stays inside until you “V-Shape” it to dispense the product.

single-dose packaging
Honeysty sachet

V-Shapes sachets are a safe, hygienic way to distribute single-dose products. There is virtually no waste, they do not require an air pocket, so the product lasts longer, and the emptied sachets can be recycled through conventional industrial recycling processes.


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