Syntegon launches redesigned CBS-D band sealer range

Improved user interface & new design features ensure convenient operation

Syntegon’s redesigned CBS-D Band Sealers with improved user interface and hygienic design features ensure convenient operation. Photo – Syntegon

Syntegon Technology is launching its new, redesigned continuous band sealer machine range. The Doboy CBS-D and B-550 not only have new names – CBS-D 1500 and CBS-D 750, respectively – but feature improved operability in combination with the proven technology of their predecessors, it said.

“Our CBS-D machines still feature the same state-of-the-art sealing technology, based on over twenty years of experience,” Kelly Meer, product manager at Syntegon Technology, says. “With this upgrade, we are opening a new chapter in terms of user friendliness and machine integrity.”

Hygienic & user-friendly design for highest production standards

Syntegon stated all CBS-D machines now come with a stainless-steel machine frame as standard. This hygienic design feature enables the use of the CBS-D in hygiene-critical production environments. The CBS-D 750 with a 7.5-inch heat bar and the CBS-D 1500 with two 7.5-inch heat bars (15 inches in total) also benefit from an updated machine design.

“The previous models not only differed in terms of heat bar length; they were also constructed differently,” Meer explains. “We have redesigned the machine components and now offer a fully modular structure. This allows customers to configure the machines based on their specific needs.”

The CBS-D 750 features a 7.5-inch heat bar, while the CBS-D 1500 features two 7.5-inch heat bars. Photo – Syntegon

The upgraded CBS-D machines also stand out in terms of user-friendliness. According to Syntegon, their height is ergonomically adjustable, which simplifies the bag infeed considerably. The new polycarbonate guards let more light into the working cell and grant operators easy access to the sealing unit, facilitating machine operation and maintenance. The improved HMI interface can be adjusted flexibly for horizontal and vertical machine use.

Highest standards for medical sealing

The continuous band sealers also come in medical versions designed to meet the medical packaging validation requirements for sterilized products. Syntegon said the Doboy CBS-D 750 M and 1500 M offer direct access to the test ports for fast and simple validation and machine calibration. For these medical configurations, the user-friendly HMI interface now comprises a standard Allen-Bradley display regulating temperature, pressure, and speed. The integrated medical pneumatic control system includes a Festo FLR unit with a digital display regulator for easy maintenance and control.


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