Alcon set to acquire Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Acquisition will help Alcon up its game in ophthalmology

Preclinical and clinical ophthalmic pharma complementing Alcon’s expansion into the eye drop space

Alcon, a leader in the eyecare sector, has decided to acquire Aerie Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company, a move that will help widen Alcon’s existing pharma R&D potential and maximize its portfolio’s value.

As part of the merger agreement, Alcon will add commercial products such as Rocklatan 0.02%/0.005%, Rhopressa 0.02%, and AR-15512, which is a phase 3 candidate for solving dry eye problems. 

It will also add preclinical and clinical ophthalmic pharma item candidates, complementing Alcon’s expansion into the ophthalmic pharma eye drop space.

Alcon and Aerie are both reputed brands for ophthalmic needs. 

Alcon has for the past 75 years been focusing on eye care problems and solutions. It has introduced established expertise in both development and as well as in commercial execution. 

Aerie is focused on the manufacturing, development, and discovery of first-class therapies related to ophthalmology. It is connected with research and development, potentially offering the infrastructure required for expanding ophthalmic pharma presence. 

The CEO of Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc., Raj Kannan, said Alcon is the best financial and strategic partner to maximize the potential of Aerie’s commercial franchise and its growing portfolio of pipeline assets.

Alcon’s financial resources, global infrastructure, and commercial potential will accelerate the treatment standard, and help more patients get access to innovative items of Aerie.

The outcome 

Rocklatan is a fixed dose combo of a prostaglandin F2ɑ analog, netarsudil, Rho kinase inhibitor, and latanoprost, indicated for the reduction of increased intraocular pressure in patients having ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. 

In most markets outside the United States, commercialization rights for both items have been licensed to Santen Sa and the affiliates associated with it.

The buying price of $15.25 for every share represents 37% of the last closing price of Aerie and represents about $770 million in equity value. The board of directors of each company has approved the transaction.


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