Ampath Labs launches android mobile app

Available on Google Play Store; soon on App Store 

Ampath forays into the digital space with the launch of AMPATH Labs mobile app

The American Institute of Pathology & Laboratory Sciences (Ampath) has made a foray into the digital space with the launch of AMPATH Labs mobile app. This strategic move demonstrates Ampath’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and strengthening its digital presence across the nation. As one of the largest specialty diagnostic laboratories, customers will receive their test reports from Ampath’s state-of-the-art and NABL accredited labs, the company said. 

People can schedule their prescribed tests at their convenience and book it online through the mobile app. In addition, keeping in mind the present situation all reports are accessible online and can be downloaded at the swift click of a button.  

Individuals across all age groups are at an increasing risk of health disorders due to various lifestyle choices. Recognizing the impact of current choices on future health is crucial. Early health checkups can aid in devising strategies to combat potential severe illnesses. Factors such as academic stress, work pressures, and constant technological connectivity contribute to heightened stress levels. Early preventive tests can identify risk factors, enabling timely medical intervention. 

As part of the launch, Ampath offers 1+1 on all health check packages with free home sample collection valid for 3 months. Currently, Ampath is present in 17 states and 1 Union territory of India in more than 32 locations. Ampath added seven new centers, including six satellite labs and one reference lab, taking the total satellite labs count to 17 and the total reference lab count to two in 2023. At present Ampath provides diagnostic services to 800 hospitals and polyclinics in India.  

Maneesh Bagai, chief operating officer, Ampath, commented, “India’s laboratory market is undergoing a significant change with disruptive business expansion plans. As per recent industry report, the Indian diagnostics market is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% to reach $20 billion by FY26. Hence, looking ahead at the growth trajectory of the industry, we are strengthening our digital presence to focus on other diseases by introducing numerous new-generation predictive and preventive tests for a broader population. Working in tandem with our vision, we have launched the mobile application to make quality diagnostic services accessible to all. Ampath is committed to offering accurate, reliable and on-time diagnosis, in the shortest possible time. Ampath is at the forefront of providing outcome focused healthcare services in South Asia.” 

Available all seven days of the week, customers can get tested for over 2600 diagnostic tests comprising both routine and specialized ones ranging from clinical biochemistry, hematology, clinical pathology, microbiology, immuno phenotyping, serology, immunology, histopathology, cytology, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnosis, NGS, cytogenesis and much more. 

These services help in diagnosis and detection of various diseases affecting different organs and parts of the body that can be extremely vital. Additional technology initiatives at Ampath include, an automated specimen-tracking system, cloud-based servers to enable provider login with instant access to reports and data mining for research and audits. 


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