COVID-19 – Springfit to produce and donate 2 lakh face masks

Springfit to increase production of face masks to meet growing demand


Delhi-NCR based Springfit mattress is producing and donating two lakh face masks to support healthcare and other essential service workers across the country who are at the frontline battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The company announced that the first batch of production has already begun with the aim of manufacturing 2,00,000 surgical face masks from its Coimbatore factory and will start donating soon to anyone who needs them, with the priority given to those who work in the medical or essential services.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones suffering from this pandemic and with the fearless healthcare workers who are caring for them 24X7. In the present circumstances, we will be making around 2,00,000 surgical masks in a month that will be donated across the country. We are also planning to have our two other factories follow the Coimbatore factory’s lead in the next several days. We are making the best possible use of our company’s significant manufacturing capacity to offer our community with surgical masks. I believe if all the MSME come together and help the country in such a situation, we don’t have to look back for the issues that we are facing today,” Says Springfit’s director, Nitin Gupta.


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