Gerresheimer now producing US type containers and caps in Europe

Creating better options for shorter delivery routes

Due to the increased demand, the Triveni containers in the US standard with induction sealing for use in the European market are produced directly in Denmark. Photo - Gerresheimer

The demand for plastic containers and closures in the US-type format for the European market is increasing at Gerresheimer. Gerresheimer will relocate the production of the containers and caps for Europe to Haarby in Denmark so that it can be supplied in a time-saving and energy-saving manner, the company said in a press statement.

“Sustainability has many facets for us and our customers. It’s not just about what we produce, but also how and where. Creating better options for shorter delivery routes is an important point because it saves time, money and energy. For this reason, we are now producing our US type containers, which we have previously produced in India for the entire world market, for European needs in Europe,” says Niels Düring, global executive vice president at Gerresheimer Primary Plastic Packaging.

As a specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, Gerresheimer offers a wide range of packaging solutions for solid, liquid, and ophthalmic products. Our leading brands Duma, Dudek, and Triveni for solid dosage forms, our EDP PET bottles for liquid dosage forms, and our products for ophthalmic applications are part of our comprehensive and innovative product range. Our broad standard range includes a wide variety of containers and closures, PET bottles, eye drops, nasal sprays, atomizers, and countless customer-specific developments.

Gerresheimer takes over the irradiation with gamma rays

As an extended service, after the vials’ production, Gerresheimer also offers irradiation with gamma rays by selected and specialized partner companies on request.

Headquartered in Düsseldorf in Germany, the manufacturer of primary glass and plastic packaging products for medication and drug delivery kept its customers supplied globally amid the coronavirus crisis. With special products made of glass and plastic, the company contributes to health and well-being. Gerresheimer is represented worldwide, and with around 10,000 employees, produces where its customers and markets are and have packaging manufacturing plants in Europe, America, and Asia (including India as well).


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