Government of India commits to improve the pharmaceutical profession & industry

Indian pharma industry to play a prominent role as the pharmacy of the world

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The event was graced in absentia by D V Sadananda Gowda, union minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers and former chief minister of Karnataka, focused on National Pharmacy Week 2020 celebrations with motivational intent to build the professional image of pharmacists. In his message, which was read out by Dr Narayan Swamy, principal, R R College of Pharmacy, Gowda appreciated the concept of NPW celebrations as part of his opening remarks. It said frontline pharmacists have played a significant role in strengthening our fight against Covid-19 and ill health. The union minister added pharmacy professionals have always risen to the occasion, including the industry that produces high-quality generics for global use and vaccines for the world. In the coming days, Covid-19 vaccines shall also get manufactured in India.

Sadananda Gowda lauded academician pharmacists’ commitment who have brought out quality books and research papers through original research, including the recent one entitled Pharmaceutical Consumer Complaints, a guide to academia, and pharmaceutical industry and professionals, edited by Dr Girish Pai and team, published by Manipal Universal Press. Gowda encouraged pharmacists to continue the good work for social well-being and progress. He congratulated Karnataka Regd. Pharmacists Association (KRPA) and R R College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, and collaborator Group Pharmaceuticals, Banglaore, for the NPW celebrations through a webinar focusing on Pharmaceutical Care trending discipline.

The minister also said that India’s Government is committed to the improvement of the pharmaceutical profession and industry. The minister further said that Government is proactively looking to provide industrial parks with facilities to grow API, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industry. This way, he said, the Indian pharma industry will continue to play a prominent role as the world’s pharmacy. “We are also encouraging innovation in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. R&D funds and other facilitator programs are focus of the Modi government and this is helping improve pharmaceutical offerings. We are also sensitive to grievances of pharmacists. We are committed to improve the lot of pharmacists,” Gowda added.

Mahesh Burande, director, IPER, Pune, in his keynote address, gave very encouraging positive points on how pharmacists should develop their counseling role and improve service to society. He peppered his talk with practical examples, including how digitalization and online activity can be made the regular pharmacist’s ally, rather than seeing this digital trend as a threat.

Raveendra gave concluding remarks on how pharmacists have a multifaceted role in improving health outcomes through many roles, including pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice. He thanked the Central Government of India for always supporting pharmacists and the industry through pharma parks and other essential policies and legislations.

Kaushik Denvaraju, president of KRPA, proposed the vote of thanks. Sunil S Chiplunkar, advisory member, KRPA, excelled as co-speaker, highlighting IPA’s role and the various activities under the NPW banner. He was also the moderator for the webinar event.


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