Indira IVF is now in 93 centers across India

Improving accessibility for couples seeking treatment for infertility

Indira IVF
Dr Kshitiz Murdia, co founder and chief executive officer, Dr Ajay Murdia, founder and chairman Mr Nitiz Murdia, co founder and director

Indira IVF, the largest player in the infertility treatment space in India, in its efforts to provide affordable and best in class treatment to couples seeking infertility treatment, has added five new centers in Tier-III cities namely, Nanded, Warangal, Sirsa, Gulbarga in the first half of FY20-21 and in Ujjain this month. The infertility specialist clinics chain now runs 93 centers across the country, helping desirous couples fulfill their parenthood dream.

Indira IVF’s intent for their patients’ wellbeing goes beyond their reproductive health. Hence, abiding by the government’s guidelines, the organization had shut down all their treatment centers for over two months. On 3 June 2020, Indira IVF once again opened its doors to aspiring couples and is optimistic that the pre-Covid volume of IVF procedures will restore by December this year. Currently, all Indira IVF centers strictly adhere to government protocols of running the centers and ensures that the utmost safety standards are maintained for their staff and patients visiting the clinic.

Speaking on the development, Kshitiz Murdia-chief executive officer, Indira IVF, said, “We are living in unprecedented times and everyone is dealing with a number of challenges and uncertainties in their lives. The inability to bear children can be emotionally distressing for desirous families. Living by our vision to make infertility treatment affordable and accessible to all desirous couples, we have improved our reach by adding five more centers this year.”

He added, “We are witnessing a huge influx of inquiries from Tier II and Tier III cities. The growing awareness, knowledge about IVF and fertility issues has helped the sector to grow and craft a niche segment in the healthcare space. Young individuals and couples have become increasingly cognizant of their reproductive health and constitute a major share of all IVF procedures carried out at Indira IVF.”

Indira IVF has delivered top IVF success rates with over 33000 embryo transfers per year, making it one of the country’s best fertility clinics. With over 200 IVF specialists and 125 embryologists that have heralded the clinics to the highest number of IVF procedures performed in India, Indira IVF has consistently been a leading fertility clinic achieving excellent success rates over the last ten years. Guided by the philosophy based on four pillars – affordability, accessibility, awareness, and assurance – Indira IVF are forerunners in the industry, making infertility procedures affordable for low- and middle-income families to fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

Indira IVF today is one of the largest and the most recognized fertility chains of hospitals in the country. Armed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Indira IVF helps countless couples navigate the often-complicated journey of infertility and ultimately realize their dream of starting a family. Indira IVF was founded in the year 2011 in Udaipur, Rajasthan by Ajay Murdia.


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