IIT Delhi’s Startup Nanosafe launches zero alcohol sanitizer

Patented active copper-infused zero alcohol sanitizer cum moisturizing lotion

Photo - Nanosafe

With the Covid-19 crisis still looming and the nation gradually shifting back to normal, there is a dire need for innovative solutions – now more than ever. An IIT Delhi startup named “Nanosafe Solutions” which launched the self-sanitizing 50 wash reusable N95 grade antiviral NSafe masks, has now come up with patented active copper (AqCure) infused zero alcohol sanitizer cum moisturizing lotion that claim to provide prolonged protection up to 24 hours to all exposed parts of the body.

The team claims that RubSafe can deactivate most enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19. And against conventional nano silver-based sanitizing solutions, this sanitizer from Nanosafe provides a much safer alternative with nano copper infusion. Copper is an essential micronutrient for the human body and, together with iron, enables the body to form red blood cells (RBCs).

Conventional alcohol-based sanitizers might be antimicrobial, but their effects last for a short period. Since alcohol has a high evaporation rate, soon after application, the skin is left unprotected. Babies, for example, have sensitive skin, and alcohol, being abrasive, affects them adversely.

 The RubSafe sanitizer, with a zero-alcohol composition, offers 24-hour protection against all types of viruses and microbes. According to the company, sanitizer can effectively last throughout the day, delivering added protection against any infection or germs.

Anasuya Roy, founder, and chief executive officer, Nanosafe, stated, “To date, most sanitizing solutions are infused with either alcohol, most of the time or in some cases nano silver. And the toxicity of silver is a well-known fact. During my research years, I got to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using silver, copper, and zinc as antiviral solutions. That is when we zeroed on copper as our sanitization and antimicrobial solution.”

Nanosafe’s flagship product – the NSafe mask, was touted even better than N95 masks owing to its self-sanitizing and water repellent layers. It could be reused over 50 times and hence was probably the safest and most economical option available in the market. It’s another flagship product, AqCure water bottles, and containers which are the world’s first antiviral water bottles in which stored water gets free from microbes upon storage.

With the RubSafe range of nano copper-infused sanitizing lotion, Nanosafe envisions a future free from alcohol-based sanitizers. Currently, it is available in two aromas – lavender and lemongrass. Nanosafe has collaborated with specialty finishing company Britacel Silicones to manufacture this product.

While the infected cases are still rising, and fatalities are at an all-time high, the world is continually trying to return to normal with effective social distancing. In such challenging times, the students, employees, healthcare workers, essential service providers who have no choice but to head out deserve more such innovative products.


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