La Med Healthcare launches auto-sanitization booth for wholesale markets

Safety and hygiene amid the COVID-19 outbreak

La Med Healthcare
La Med self-sanitization booth at Faridabad Sabzi Mandi. Photo - La Med Healthcare

La-Med Healthcare, a leading manufacturer and marketer of single-use medical devices, has set up a self-sanitization booth at the bustling vegetable market, Faridabad Subzi Mandi.

This booth, at the entry gate of the market, will help low-income local vendors to maintain a high level of safety and hygiene amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Thousands of local vendors continue to work at the wholesale grocery market during the ongoing lockdown to ensure a steady supply of essentials such as fruits and vegetables to communities in lockdown across the region.

“Even though the nation is under lockdown, people who are staying home will continue to require these essentials daily. We wanted to do our bit to ensure that deliveries of these products should be done without fear of picking up an infection. This booth will keep the vendors as well as the communities who consume these products safe,” said Mayank Lakhani, managing director, La Med Healthcare.

La-Med has set up the self-sanitization booth at the entry point through which visitors can walk and are sprayed with alcohol-based sanitizer made up of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), before they enter the market. According to the company’s press statement, in crowded places such as these markets, where social distancing can be challenging to follow, sanitization booths are an effective way for disinfection, and this also has huge potential for applications post the lockdown.


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