Philips introduces innovations to help people stay on top of their health

Connected solutions offering insights for healthy lifestyle choices

COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digitalization to meet the urgent need to stay (virtually) connected to caregivers

Philips presented new approaches to health and healthcare, and the shift to health-at-home, at its virtual consumer health press event. Against the backdrop of Covid-19, the need for consumers to stay as healthy as possible is more relevant than ever. A virtual event (held on 2 September), coinciding with IFA 2020, Philips announced the expansion of its consumer health portfolio with a range of innovations to help people maintain health-enhancing lifestyle routines and digital opportunities that allow them to stay in touch with their healthcare professionals virtually now that physical doctors’ visits are limited.

“Confronted by the vulnerability of their health, people are increasingly focused on what’s most important to them – keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy and safe,” said Deeptha Khanna, chief business leader Personal Health. “We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, both in terms of people’s mind-set and in terms of the way healthcare systems are digitalizing and adding telehealth services to their portfolios. With people being at home most of the time and prioritizing their health, health-at-home is key. Philips uses the latest technologies to bring intelligent, personalized solutions that allow people to manage their health in any situation.”

Meeting the needs of fast-growing trends in health and healthcare, Philips is focusing on connected consumer health propositions that help people take care of their health at home, including tracking their health, being in control of their data, and sharing their data with caregivers remotely. With people increasingly worried about their health and the health of their loved ones, and some feeling afraid or anxious about visiting a doctor, dentist, or hospital due to Covid-19, telehealth has gained more traction than ever before. More and more people are now actively looking for virtual ways of doing things.

Philips helps to maintain good oral health

In today’s oral care industry, teledentistry is playing an increasingly important role. Due to Covid-19, many people have been unable to visit their dentist and dental hygienist for quite a while. Yet, they know that regular checkups are essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and detecting potential problems early. Philips Sonicare teledentistry where hygiene exams matter is now available to dentists across the United States. By enabling dental professionals to virtually engage with their patients, dental practices can provide continuity of service with oral care advice and hygiene checks to assess common oral health issues such as gum disease, cavities, inflammation, and more.

A healthy mouth not only means brushing properly as part of a daily routine but also cleaning between the teeth (about 40% of our teeth’s surface area) and cleaning the tongue. It is  also important to place a meeting your dental team to check the status of your teeth.With innovative connected power toothbrushes utilizing smart and sonic technology, the soon to be launched Philips Sonicare Power Flosser, and advanced tongue care solutions, people are empowered to take the best care of their mouth, says the company. You might need insurance and dental insurance can be beneficial in case of an emergency. Contact an orthodontic care center for any dental care needs.

Philips helps parents (to-be) in challenging times

From the beginning of pregnancy through to the birth and care of newborns, Philips Avent takes prospective parents on a beautiful and challenging journey. Even more challenging since regular visits to antenatal and neonatal clinics have not been easy or available. With expert advice and personalized information to the development stage of their baby and adapted to the current Covid-19 situation, Philips’ Pregnancy+ and Baby+ apps and in-app services actively engage parents looking for reliable information. Created in collaboration with healthcare professionals and parents, and with a combined total of close to 40 million downloads, these apps have already proven their relevance and impact.

Philips Avent has a broad portfolio of products and services to support young parents in taking care of their newborn babies. Its latest innovations include the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump – a simple, fast, and gentle expressing solution that mimics a baby’s natural feeding movement. Other innovations include the Avalon CL Fetal and Maternal Pod and Patch obstetrics monitoring solution to support clinicians and expectant mothers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also new are partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline to create awareness for vaccinations and collaborate with Disney Music to provide free access to Disney lullabies via the Baby+ app.

Other innovations

According to Philips, more innovations will be rolled out across markets globally over the course of 2020 into 2021 in the areas of sleep, air purification, nutrition, oral care, garment care, floor care, male grooming, and beauty. Examples are the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000, Philips Straightener 9000 with SenseIQ, Philips Shaver 7000 Series with SkinIQ technology, and various domestic appliances.


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