Pulse Plus ePharmacy start-up becomes profitable

Digital medicine delivery platform

Pulse Plus

As part of the Pasumai Pharmacy Group based in Coimbatore, Pulse Plus has organically scaled its digital medicine delivery platform to over 10,000 fulfilled orders in a month, post-pandemic. Launched just in June 2019, their android app enjoys the highest rating among other medicine delivery platforms and has been the fastest-growing bootstrapped start-up to achieve this feat. The company partners with over 17 shipment partners to deliver the medicines nationwide to over 16,000 pin codes and generates the digital orders through its web platform and app.

Pulse has been profitable with the digital venture at the gross or net levels from its initial days of operation due to the hybrid omnichannel approach. Leveraging the existing retail footprint to process the digital orders has helped them optimize the cost of order processing and eliminating the need to burn while controlling the quality.

Vishnu Prasath, co-founder, said, “We are growing fast organically and are on our path to reach 1,000 orders a day within the next twelve months. We are profitable both at the gross and net levels as a business. As more new customers start using our platform, we will naturally become the most preferred choice for the customers across South India where we offer the best delivery TAT’s. We expect to also grow inorganically with our B2B partnerships as we recently launched our API through which anyone can launch and sell medicines in a white-labeled way.”

With five solid decades of experience in pharmacy retail, Pasumai Pharmacy group has set its foot in the digital medicine delivery space. It is on its way to compete with other major players. The group has been the first to set-up organized pharmacy outlets in Southern Tamil Nadu as early as 1999, offering the fastest turnaround, doorstep delivery to all the region’s customers. Unlike other online aggregators that source and dispatch medicines from different local vendors, products are dispatched from our fully owned and managed retail outlets ensuring quality and authenticity. They continue to enjoy a dominant position as a pharmacy retailer in Coimbatore, with over 10 lakh satisfied customers.

“After my 10-year stint in the United States managing product for Epic Systems (America’s largest healthcare IT provider), I returned back to India to take over my family business and bring about a change. I feel that, as a team – we are utilizing the existing strengths of the business while modernizing every aspect of tech & crm associated,” said Arun Karuppaiah, co-founder.


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