San Innovative Systems launches cloud-based app ‘ViRx’

San Innovative Systems
ViRx – a business app created by a doctor for doctors

Dr Vishakhadutt Patil and his team at San Innovative Systems have developed a cloud-based application – ViRx – to help doctors establish their virtual clinics. The launch of ViRx – a business app created by a doctor for doctors is timely; as opinion continues to grow for a change of focus for healthcare delivery in these changing times. Patil, a doctor, focused on designing digital solutions for the healthcare domain, clarifies, “Our Doctors must be the central pillar of this movement. Simply because there is one doctor for every 1,456 Indians, a doctor can offer consultation to more than 1000 people, only if a Virtual Clinic is made available.”

Mumbai-based San Innovative Systems – a digital healthcare organization known for its other healthcare applications such as the Life Card Business Intelligence suite of clinical management products, DizzBoard – an online disease notification system, and a blood donor requirement management network. It also has its healthcare portal,

In India, where the doctors to population are considerably lower than that recommended by WHO – doctors are already putting themselves and their patients at a huge risk whenever they see a patient in their clinic.

With the increasing use of the Smartphone in India, this ViRX mobile application can be used by doctors to get paid for their video consultations, issue digital prescriptions, keep video records of consultations and medical records, and keep track of their payments. Doctors can set up their consultation fees, which patients pay before the consultation, and the payment goes directly to the doctor’s bank account.

According to the press release, there is a patient version that is easy to use and helps automatically connect a patient to their doctor via the patient’s mobile number. For easy accessibility, both apps are in English, Hindi, and Marathi.

ViRx can also be used in the clinic where video consulting on a tablet device placed in the examination room can ensure safe distancing. The basic version of ViRx is free Doctors can use this version before opting to go for the premium version. ViRx can be used anywhere in India and is activated with a simple click. It is more than just a telemedicine solution. It is a business application that includes clinical management, accounts, and payment tracking, virtually unlimited video and audio records, and customized patient management.

It offers two modes – remote and clinic consulting mode. Patients can upload their records on the patient app and send them to their doctor or share them on a permissions basis.


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