Syntegon joins open serialization communication standard Group

Fighting pharmaceutical counterfeiting

With its long-standing experience in Track & Trace and its comprehensive Industry 4.0 portfolio, Syntegon has realized numerous successful serialization projects across the globe. Photo - Syntegon

Syntegon Technology recently joined the Open Serialization Communication Standard (OPEN-SCS) Group. Joint goals include the fight against pharmaceutical counterfeiting and the establishment of interoperable interfaces for the implementation of adequate serialization solutions.

Open platforms are the future

The OPEN-SCS Group was initiated in 2014 to define, publish, and maintain an OPC UA based standard and companion documents for the integration of serialization solutions. Syntegon fully supports the mission statement of the working group, to “allow functional interoperability of serialization solutions to integrate the operations and business processes across organizations seamlessly and regulatory bodies, aligning with other industry groups and standards whenever appropriate.”

“Apart from the fact that saving lives through anti-counterfeiting measures is an excellent reason to join OPEN-SCS, we also firmly believe in open digital worlds and open platforms,” says Jörg Willburger, product manager for Track & Trace systems at Syntegon. “Customers should have no constraints and high flexibility to choose. Mixed systems with machines and software from different suppliers, combined with common interfaces, will become standard. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve with our commitment to OPEN-SCS.”

Long-standing experience

Syntegon will contribute to the success of OPEN-SCS with long-standing experience in Track & Trace and serialization solutions, as Jörg Willburger explains. “We know that successful serialization projects usually consist of many different applications. In the end, it’s all about having the right interfaces to combine them – and to realize the individual solution for each customer”, he says.

Syntegon, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, not only manufactures machines and equipment for serialization. It also offers the corresponding software, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), line management, and master data solutions, as well as a comprehensive Industry 4.0 portfolio. Based on decades of experience, Syntegon has realized numerous successful serialization projects across the globe.

Win-win for everyone

At OPEN-SCS, marketing director Thomas Halfmann is delighted that Syntegon has joined the working group, “All members are looking forward to working with Syntegon and to realizing our targets together.” Apart from suppliers of machines and software solutions, the group also includes consulting and pharmaceutical companies. “It is a win-win for everyone”, Halfmann and Willburger agree.


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