La-Med scales up to meet medical devices demand

Expanding footprints in untapped global territories

Mayank Lakhani, managing director of La-med Healthcare

The novel coronavirus outbreak in the country has put pressure on the medical and healthcare infrastructure. As a result, we see a surge in demand for various medical devices, that are essential components of respiratory equipment required for Covid-19 patients.


In these crucial times, companies like Faridabad-based La-med Healthcare are scaling up their capacities to meet the increased demand of essential medical supplies. Mayank Lakhani, managing director of La-med Healthcare, says, “We have scaled up production of medical devices in our manufacturing plant to rule out any shortage of devices during this critical time.”


La-Med Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and supplier of affordable single-use medical devices, including cannulas, injections, resuscitators, nebulizers, and catheters. These medical devices are used in infusion therapy, anesthesia, and respiratory care, surgery, and drainage, urology, and gastroenterology. The company manufactures around 150 million medical devices annually and supplies to over 55 countries across the globe.


According to Lakhani, in the past two months, the company has ramped up the production of medical devices such as ventilator circuits, bain circuits, heat and moisture exchanger filters, lungciser, ambu bags, surgical gloves as well as twin O2 set, nebulizer, and oxygen masks. These devices are needed for treating patients affected by Covid-19.


During the lockdown, La-Med has also faced supply chain disruptions. “We have readied a stock of thousands of components essential to the medical fraternity at this time, but due to disrupted supply chain logistics services across the nation, the delivery of the stock has been delayed,” he says. Nevertheless, he is now satisfied with the Government’s relaxation of transportation services for the essential commodities.


La-med understands its responsibility as a supplier of medical devices and components to leaders in the medical field. According to Lakhani, the company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified and meets all the quality standards for development, manufacturing, warehousing, documentation, and traceability. “In the last few years, we have offered innovative solutions such as needle-free connectors, ventilator circuit with combo kit, PTCA kit (used for angioplasty), anti UV extension line, and others. We not only comply with international standards but also utilize these as a base to implement our daily quality standards in production. We have a reputation of being a trusted quality manufacturer of medical devices across major government hospitals and institutions pan India and across the world.”


The company has earned a revenue of Rs 20.5 crores in the last quarter and aims to achieve its target of Rs 100 crores for FY21. In addition, it has plans to tap new global territories such as South America, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Panama, and Mexico. “We are also enhancing our manufacturing potential by constructing another plant adjacent to the existing plant. The construction will commence in the 20-21 financial year itself,” he concludes.



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