Wondrx app integrates healthcare ecosystem to a single platform

Remote healthcare services

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Mumbai-based startup, Wondrx, has taken a special initiative by launching a health tech app that integrates the entire healthcare ecosystem to a single platform and claims to bring convenience to the consumers who would be seeking remote healthcare services while sitting at home.

The current pandemic may halt everything else but not the need for people to seek medical care and services. In this lockdown time, the fear of stepping out from the home to visit a healthcare establishment worries patients or caregivers immensely. In such times, Wondrx is contributing to the community in its way. Wondrx believes that this app will benefit millions of people in this lockdown situation and beyond in connecting with healthcare providers from their home, be it the consumer looking for N95 mask, sanitizer, physiotherapist, doctors, or dietician, hospitals, nurses or any other medical requirement. Wondrx android app brings everyone on its platform. According to the press statement, the company is getting ready with its forthcoming new launch of eConsultation.

The company also provides ePrescriptions from Wondrx onboard doctors, which can be received remotely by the patient. Wondrx Smart Rx paper enables the digitization of handwritten Rx in real-time and the digitized copy is received instantly by the patient.

Wondrx has announced that the app usage is free until September 2020 for all the healthcare providers who want to get themselves listed on the app for the patient’s benefit. However, it remains free for patients or consumers with no time limitation.

Commenting on the launch of this new application, Pankaj Agrawal, co-founder and director commercial at Wondrx, says, “Wondrx will promote social distancing and reduce the risk of infection spread, by ensuring seamless online digital transactions between consumer and healthcare providers. Without a need for physical footfall in the provider’s establishments, consumers will be able to connect with healthcare providers effectively.”


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