Cosmo Films launches opaque synthetic paper

Non-tearable 100% co-extruded CSPR-2 (M) O BTC 

Cosmo synthetic paper
Cosmo's new opaque white both sides printable synthetic paper Photo Cosmo Films

In the first half of May 2021, Cosmo Films, the Indian packaging and specialty films manufacturer, has introduced a 100% Opaque Synthetic Paper (OSP), which is specially designed for dangler applications. The company manufactures film for flexible packaging, labels, and lamination. It is one of the few manufacturers of synthetic paper globally, which it has been doing since the late 1980s.

The newest synthetic paper from Cosmo is a non-tearable, co-extruded, both sides matt white coated opaque film. It closely resembles paper in appearance and is suited for outdoor applications requiring 100% opacity. It can be printed in full color on both sides on offset presses with appropriate care and other print processes.

With its moisture resistance, the white opaque synthetic paper is designed for superior ink adhesion and exceptional color reproducibility. Cosmo synthetic paper is an innovative BOPP-based synthetic paper resembling traditional pulp-based paper in all aspects. It is available in 75, 95, 120, 150, 175, 195, 215, 275, 330, 375 and 430 micron thicknesses.

Wedding album Cosmo synthetic paper
Wedding albums that are generally digitally printed can also use the new Cosmos white opaque paper Photo Cosmo Films

The flat white matt finish on both sides of the substrate gives it the look and feel of paper and the printability of coated stocks. The print receptive coating allows printing on both sides by conventional or UV cured offset and UV and water-based flexographic inks and thermal transfer, screen and letterpress print processes.

At the product launch in the first half of May 2021, Cosmo Films’ CEO Pankaj Poddar commented, “With boundless uses in commercial printing, retail, and packaging – for tags and labels, identification, credentials and outdoor displays and signage, CSP can create a niche for itself as a weather-proof replacement for paper in applications where durability and longevity are desired.” He added that Cosmo Films is one of the oldest market players in this segment in India, and with this launch, it aims to grow its share further in the Indian and International markets.


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