Gerresheimer plant in Kosamba India, help people in need

Distributes 500 food packages to help people affected by the travel ban

At Gerresheimer’s site in Kosamba, India, 500 food packages have been distributed among employees and migrant workers affected by the Covid-19 border closures. Photo - Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer plants in the Indian city of Kosamba are responding to the Gujarat state government’s call for help and supplying 500 food packages to employees and migrant workers affected by the travel ban due to border closures in the wake of Covid-19.

“These 500 food packages will help families to get through what is an extremely difficult time for them. They will continue receiving these packages for as long as the lockdown continues. We have also started a One Day salary Challenge with nearly 350 of our company employees, challenging them in a positive way to donate one day’s worth of their basic salary for this cause on a voluntary basis,” says Lakshmananarayanan Reddy, plant manager for Gerresheimer in Kosamba. “By doing this, we are supporting people in these times who have found themselves in this situation through no fault of their own and now simply need our help.”

Gerresheimer has long been producing glass and plastic containers for liquid and solid medicines following international standards at its ISO-certified plants in India. The range includes glass containers such as glass injection vials and ampoules as well as plastic containers for tablets and powdered medicines. With its three plants for producing glass and plastic pharmaceutical containers, Gerresheimer’s base in Kosamba is one of the largest employers in the Indian state of Gujarat. With Triveni, Gerresheimer also owns another large plant that manufactures plastic containers in Kundli in the state of Haryana and has offices in Mumbai and New Delhi.


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