Mumbai’s Flawless Pharma signs US$120 m API deal

Signs deal with with European and African companies

Dr. Sujeet Kumar Singh, managing director, Flawless Pharma

Flawless Pharma has engaged with a major European contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and a leading African firm in Africa for the export and supply of the active ingredient of the anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs with a technology transfer agreement. The combined value of the agreement will contribute a significant revenue for Flawless Pharma’s Annual Business Revenues.

Flawless Pharma’s product basket focuses on APIs & advanced intermediates in multiple therapy area with deep technical and scientific knowledge established over the last five years, such as analgesic, antipyretic and cardiovascular diseases, oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, anti-infectives, bone and pain, hepatology, and reproductive health, to meet both local and international demand.

Flawless Pharma is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East and Africa, with an extensive pan-African presence, while operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. For more than 10 years, Flawless Pharma has been offering API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturing & Marketing services, from process development to commercial manufacturing in full regulatory compliance, to ensure a robust and secure supply chain of Pharmaceutical APIs.

Announcing the collaboration and technology transfer agreement, Dr Sujeet Kumar Singh, managing director of Flawless Pharma, said, “We are pleased to announce the partnership with the two of the top European and African pharma companies to supply of the active ingredient of the anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs with a technology transfer agreement. The combined value of the deal will be to the tune of US$ 120 Mn. Our new collaboration with the European and African market demonstrates Flawless Pharma’s deep commitment to making equitable and affordable access to anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs through the collaborative technology transfer agreement a reality for people living with multi prolonged diseases in low- and middle-income countries which will transform communities and make life better for people throughout the continent.

Flawless Pharma is committed to empowering the fight for health and well-being as a fundamental human right through our partnerships and collaborations. Flawless Pharma will supply its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the anti-cancer and anti-viral drugs at a significantly reduced price to both the companies based out of Europe and Africa. It will provide technology transfer to enable the companies establishing the company as a trusted manufacturer of these lifesaving products in Africa.”

Flawless Pharma, headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies focusing on the development, manufacturing, and sale of high quality and affordable process R&D and API manufacturing service providers for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry since 2010. 

Flawless Pharma has integrated development, regulatory, and manufacturing capabilities and has offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong. 


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