PET bottles recycled into wet wipes for babies

Ginni Filaments at CMPL Delhi

Ginni Filaments team at its stand in CMPL expo, New Delhi

The Contract Manufacturing and Private Label exhibition (CMPL), organized at IICC Delhi, on 30 November and 1 December hosted several innovative products from various companies. Among them, Ginni Filaments, a fabric-based product provider, developed and showcased a unique fabric made from recycled PET bottles, which is then converted into wet wipes for babies.

Ginni Filaments says its product is a testament to the circular economy and its bid to reduce the carbon footprint. The company says that, unlike the trend toward biodegradable wipes, its considers the entire lifecycle, addressing environmental concerns crucial for sensitive products such as baby wipes.

We utilize various processes, including fabric production, coating, lamination lines, and wet wipes manufacturing for cosmetics, pharma, and medical device licenses. Our fully equipped R&D setup allows us to develop formulations for clients and collaborate with multinational corporations for the global markets,” said Yash Jaipuria, chief executive officer.

Jaipuria said the company has a manufacturing capacity of 1.1 crore wipes per month at two locations — in Haridwar in Uttrakhand and Panoli in Gujarat. The facilities produce spun lace fabric used in wipes, with a capacity of 1100 tons per month. It also manufactures liquid cosmetics and creams with a capacity of 600 tons per month and room for expansion.

According to Jaipuria, India is a major market for baby wipes while globally, the composition varies significantly. “We aim to diversify our product range by manufacturing disinfecting pharma wipes for surfaces and floors catering to institutional and personal care needs both in India and for export.”


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