SRAM & MRAM join hands with SKYMED to manufacture PPE products

SKYMED to strengthen its position in PPE products


SRAM & MRAM Group, UK based conglomerate, has signed a historic pact with Sufficiency Economy City, Thailand (the brand owner of SKYMED) to enhance the production and supply of PPE kits. It is a significant move as it will help both companies to emerge as a potential leader in the business of the PPE world. The tie up will help SKYMED, one of the most sought-after brands in the fields of PPE products, to reach out worldwide through SRAM & MRAM’s global presence, and together, both companies will strive hard to beat the market in price, reliability, brand awareness, quality, and quantity.

Besides, the agreement between SRAM & MRAM Group and Sufficiency Economy City will go a long way in helping mitigate the rising demand for PPE products and also could benefit the pandemic hit world economy looking for reliable PPE suppliers, it said.

Speaking on the historic agreement General Kampee Kampeerayannon, chief executive officer, Sufficiency Economy City, said, “That the arrangement is a win-win situation for both SRAM and MRAM Group and SKYMED since each of the companies can leverage their strengths and together can turn the face of the PPE industry. He also reiterated that its SKYMED’s principal of quality will triumph is similar to SRAM and MRAM Group’s core business principles viz. business with a Human Touch and zero tolerance for quality.”

Suneel Parasnis, director – Business Development (ASEAN & SAARC) and Kullapraphat Buntitawat, Director-Business Development (Thailand Operations) have played a stellar role in enabling the strategic agreement and also have visions to bring in more factories under the SRAM – SKYMED Banner to offset the continuous shortage of nitrile gloves, masks, PPE kits, and their in-house immune boosters and market them under both SRAM & SKYMED Brands in the market.

The pandemic helps some fortunate business houses reap the benefits, and transform their presence into profitability. SRAM & MRAM Group, the UK-based conglomerate, has been at the forefront of providing solutions to any pandemic, including the COVID-19 currently available. Right from providing PPE Kits, Rapid Testing Kits both Antibody and Antigen along with RT-PCR and its immune boosters under the brand name of “MRUTANJAY”.

The SRAM & MRAM Group team comprising of its zealous employees has spread their wings and tied up with almost all the leading manufacturers either directly or through their associates and have set up an amazing repertoire of product portfolio to help beat the tough times that are being witnessed. SRAM & MRAM have also procured almost 25 lines of its products under its OEM Brand WalletZ4U. SRAM & MRAM has also ventured into procuring and supplying raw materials for the production of gloves. It has tied up with leading raw material (NBR) producers from across the globe. It has decided to leverage its business portfolio with its brand of PPE Products by engaging itself in the sourcing and procurement of raw materials for the PPE markets.

The SRAM & MRAM team comprising its network of representatives has been the backbone of the success that has come to SRAM & MRAM. The group is also considering setting up a factory in the Johor region of Malaysia and also in Vietnam in association with other leading players in the Industry.

SRAM & MRAM GROUP has been at the forefront of the essential medical supplies team working with the various grassroots level organization to offer timely help through their CSR activities to scores of people across ASIA and other countries. SRAM & MRAM group has garnered enough orders to achieve all its sales targets before 31 December 2020. SRAM & MRAM Group has more than 500 employees currently directly or indirectly working round the clock to ensure that the lockdown does not affect its business operations and its CSR initiatives and have in the bargain been able to speed up its business and social targets and help humanity as a whole to come out successfully fighting the pandemic.


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