BihlerMED’s innovative surgilight surgical lighting system


BihlerMED, a provider of medical illumination technology and devices, in partnership with View Medical, has introduced the SurgiLight surgical lighting system. This said to be next-generation surgical illumination device was developed as an alternative to headlamps and overhead lights, claims to provide versatile, safe illumination, which can be precisely focused for specific surgical procedures. The device claims to be easily attached to existing overhead lighting or to operating table side-rails and provides an optimal vantage point harnessing an intense and focused high-powered LED light source.

SurgiLight is said to feature an ergonomic flexible shaft that remains fixed-in-place once adjusted, allowing for more agile and precise positioning of the light source. The SurgiLight’s rechargeable battery pack claims to provide freedom from restrictions and hazards of traditional wired systems. Additionally, according to the company, the modular system will soon feature an optional camera mounting attachment for recording procedures. SurgiLight is said to integrate a sterile, disposable lens, sleeve, drape combination, which ensures a fresh optically perfect focal mechanism for each procedure. These will be sold in packs of six for customer convenience.

Traditional headlights worn by surgeons can result in physical discomfort and neck pain. The SurgiLight illumination system is projected to virtually eliminate the dependence on surgical headlights, providing an excellent, cord-free light source with precise application of vivid LED lighting.

The SurgiLight system is said to be housed in a convenient carrying case that holds the light, adapter and accessories, enabling it to be easily transferred between operating rooms. As per the company, this case makes it ideal for surgeons who operate at multiple locations, as well as those who travel to remote destinations where adequate lighting may not be available.


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