MG2 technology solves peculiarities of the nutraceutical market


Among different kinds of nutraceutical products, we can find probiotics, vegetal products and sport supplements. Each product is characterized by its peculiarities and, by extension, they feature different critical issues both in dosing and in packaging phases.
MG2 has developed a range of solutions to solve peculiarities of the nutraceutical market by offering both continuous motion machines and intermitten motion machines.
With its vast experience of more than five decades, MG2 has developed specific solutions for each critical issue related to the nutraceutical industry; for instance, solutions have been found to preserve thermosensitive products, to guarantee low humidity but also to avoid product’s clusters and accumulations, which may cause variability in dosing weight in the capsule.

MG2 claims that its machines make it possible to dose under the best conditions both nutraceutical powders and granular products because of their continuous rotary motion joined to their volumetric dosator, which is said to be MG2 unique know-how. It is actually the continuous motion which allows the dosator to penetrate the powder layer angularly instead of vertically. This technological system is claimed to be particularly effective to guarantee both dosing accuracy and constancy, as well as smooth product handling, by always keeping its features unchanged.

Furthermore, MG2 claims that its dosing units allow to adjust several parameters independently such as the volume of dosing chamber, the height of powder layer and the compression applied during slug picking, to optimize each time their ideal combination according to the nutraceutical product to be dosed.

To preserve thermosensitive products, for instance, systems operate by means of devices being suitable to minimize mechanical friction, which turns into a considerable reduction of parts in contact with product overheating. At the same time, low humidity is guaranteed because of special devices which introduce dry air in those places where the product accumulates, such as feeding hopper and rotary container, but they also release nitrogen where it is necessary to eliminate oxygen in order to prevent oxidation.


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