ODS Aligners, India’s first invisible braces


Founded in 2015, Noida-headquartered ODS Aligners delivers smiles all over India and around the world. The company operates all over the country and is present in all the metro cities.

ODS Aligners is one of the largest providers of clear aligners in India, with over a decade of experience in the technology and more than 8,000 treated cases. It claims to have an extensive network of more than 2,600 certified doctors across the country who are actively providing patients with the advanced transparent aligner system. 

What are ODS aligners?

Dr Swapnil Gupta, orthodontist and founder of ODS Aligners, explains, “ODS aligners are invisible and removable plastic trays used for teeth-straightening and other pediatric dentistry services . It can treat a variety of irregular teeth. Unlike braces, ODS Aligners are hard to notice, and treatment is smoother than with metal braces.”

Dr swapnil gupta orthodontist and founder of ODS Aligners

“ODS Aligners uses CE or USFDA certified high-quality materials for its products. In addition, the company uses advanced clear aligner technology, which is developed from experienced orthodontists to provide high-quality, effective aligners at affordable prices.”

A modern alternative to braces 

These aligners are different from traditional braces, they are more like wearing clear braces. Gupta further elaborates, “Clear aligners are a modern-day alternative with several benefits compared to traditional braces, especially for adults. Discover More Here as these are helpful for people who wish to obtain straight teeth while still feeling comfortable and confident in social situations.”

Gupta shared that ODS Aligner uses BPA free plastic, which is completely safe and poses no health hazards. However, these aligners according to the expert affordable dental implants florida are taking time to achieve the desired popularity among the public. According to Gupta, people are not widely aware of technology. Therefore they straight away opt for metal braces and other traditional options. Moreover, the company is working on the promotion of its aligners – both online and offline.

Treatment cost and success rate

Speaking about the treatment cost of these aligners, Gupta adds, “Treatment cost depends on the individual requirement. ODS Aligners starts from Rs 80,000 to Rs.2,00,000.”

Commenting on the success rate of these aligners, Gupta admits, “Success rate depends on the treating doctor and patient’s compliance. If the user or patient follows the instructions properly, then the final result is achieved as planned.”

Relapse of aligners and its prevention 

Clear aligners move back teeth in the desired position during the treatment period. However, clear aligners are not able to move the ligaments that connect the teeth to the jaw bone. Addressing this problem, Gupta says, “The ligaments are elastic, and during the treatment, they are stretched to re-position teeth as desired. Once the treatment is over, these elastic ligaments can pull back the teeth in their original place, causing aligner relapse. The relapse may vary as per orthodontic problems, but largely, everyone can get affected. To prevent this, the user must wear the retainers for the prescribed duration to prevent relapse and to have a long-lasting smile.”

Take proper care of aligners and teeth

Gupta urged that it is imperative to clean both aligner and teeth regularly, every time after removal. “Brush and floss before switching to a new aligner set, avoid sugary and staining drinks, and use aligners cleaning tablets,” he said. 


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