Airnov expand presence in Chinese market

Investing strongly in the local Chinese market with manufacturing sites in Changshu and Dongguan

Airnov’s dedicated diagnostic portfolio includes Hat-Snap, Hat-In and desiccant packets. Photo Airnov

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, in controlled atmosphere packaging, continues its strong support of the Chinese market after recent investments in expanding its production capabilities across a range of product lines.

As in shelf-life preservation solutions, Airnov’s products are designed to protect pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and diagnostic products from moisture and oxygen. Airnov’s dedicated diagnostic portfolio includes Hat-Snap, Hat-In and desiccant packets.

Hat-Snap is an active and ergonomic vial featuring a container with temper-evident desiccant stopper. Hat-In, meanwhile, is an active and ergonomic flip-top container featured with an advanced desiccant polymer (ADP) technology integrated into the vial itself, to provide a high moisture barrier, as well as excellent moisture adsorption to protect even the most sensitive test strips and nutraceutical products.

Rimless moisture absorbing packets.
Photo Airnov

Airnov also produces a range of desiccant packets at its Chinese facilities, located in Changshu and Dongguan. These include the Continu-Strip packets and the rimless packets, available in a wide range of sizes. These packets are typically used in rapid tests, urinalysis strips, Elisa kits and a variety of in-vitro and clinical diagnostic devices.

“The Chinese market continues to be of crucial importance to Airnov,” commented Albert Zhao, general manager of Airnov Asia Pacific. “It is a key reason why we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities operating in the cities of Changshu and Dongguan.”

Airnov remains committed to growing its presence in the Chinese market having recently invested in expanding capabilities at Changshu. The modernization of the site 150 kilometers northwest of Shanghai includes the installation of new production lines that enables the company to produce a wider range of products at greater volumes.

This includes Hat-Snap, which is seeing heightening demand due to the growing Chinese market.

“No matter what product our customers seek, Airnov guarantees high quality, complete compliance certification of FDA, EU and NMPA, and a stable supply for customers both in China and around the world,” added Zhao.

Airnov is due to participate in the 19 edition of the China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP). The event was scheduled for March 2022, but is now postponed and set to be held in Nanchang City on new dates of 10-12 June.


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