Apollo launches new AI-based Apollo Prohealth Program

The program to bring revolution in healthcare sector

Apollo launches a new AI-based program Apollo Prohealth Program to bring revolution to the healthcare sector Photo: Apollo Hospital
Apollo launches a new AI-based program Apollo Prohealth Program to bring revolution to the healthcare sector Photo: Apollo Hospital

Apollo’s next AI measure can prove to be revolutionary in healthcare services. 

The new AI-based program by the Apollo hospital is said to be life-changing in today’s times. With the rise of Covid-19, we all know how important quality healthcare services have become. However, one wrong measure and aid can lead to life-threatening situations. Additionally, if a disease is detected at its severe stage, much damage is already caused in the body. Before the realization of an individual, it starts preying on the body. In such conditions, it becomes important to encourage quick and proactive measures. This led Apollo to launch its new proactive solution called the ‘Apollo Prohealth Program’. 

What is the Apollo Prohealth Program?

As stated above, proactive steps are important to decrease the massive number of patients. Proactivity, in general, can even lessen the risk of spreading diseases or the intensity of them. But unfortunately, many patients are either untreated or missed with load, leading to a huge loss. Hence, the authorities of Apollo hospitals decided to come up with a proactive arrangement. 

The ‘Apollo Prohealth Program’ is an artificial intelligence-based software that analyzes the body’s current state. Based on the examination makes the individual aware of the future health risks and issues that they may encounter. This can lead them to take preventive measures and help eliminate the disease. With this particular step, Apollo has laid a foundation for lessening non-communicable diseases in the future. 

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Apollo’s continuous effort in the healthcare sector through AI machines

Artificial Intelligence, in general, is considered a faraway option in several fields today. But with the Apollo Prohealth Program, the organization has proved how it can be considered a necessary need of the hour in today’s times. On the one hand, where diseases are multiplying on a wide scale, proactive steps can stop the harm to a great extent. 

The organization has proven to encourage using artificial intelligence for a healthier purpose. The organization’s authorities have further supported the fact by stating how a true healer heals before developing a disease or a disorder. But in the public eye, the software is still a curiosity. It is still a wonder how a program can be so advanced that it decreases the chances of disease occurrence. 

Even earlier, Apollo has contributed to its healthcare sector through AI machines. This includes the cardiovascular disease risk score app. It has been brought to determine and anticipate any cardiovascular disease. However, even this application proved itself a beneficial tool by bringing a massive change in the healthcare management system. 

Apollo hospitals have always modernized medical services with the latest technology. It has inspired people, in general, to be proactive and other medical institutions to bring a new change in the environment. In a pandemic-struck world, where people are losing hope with the onset of newer diseases and variants, such measures by an organization have kept their hope alive.  


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