Bostik launches Herberts EPS 8760/KN75 smart adhesive

Solution for cold forming pharma blister packs – at Chinaplas

Bostik's new Herbert KN75 smart adhesive is especially appropriate for pharma blister packs Photo Bostik
Bostik's new Herberts EPS8760/KN75 smart adhesive is especially appropriate for pharma blister packs Photo Bostik

Shanghai, 13 April 2021, Bostik, a global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction, and consumer markets, has launched Herberts EPS 8760/KN75 – a high-performance, smart adhesive designed to improve the process automation of cold forming blister packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical products must meet high hygiene and safety standards to preserve the strength of the active ingredients, as any changes in these factors can have severe consequences for the consumer. The Herberts EPS 8760/KN75 adhesive is compliant with local standards for drug safety. 

Made for nylon, aluminum, and PVC (NY/AL/PVC), the new Bostik adhesive presents stable bonding strength and exceptional deep drawing performance to provide excellent long-term delamination resistance and retention of the packaging structure even after extended periods. This leads to effective quality and process handling control, as well as maximized production speed and reliability. 

The Herberts EPS 8760/KN75 adhesive can be utilized on unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, or lozenges, presenting excellent clarity and a clean optical appearance compared to existing market solutions. Additionally, the innovative adhesive provides impermeable barrier protection from elements such as oxygen and moisture ingress, aroma, and lights, thus extending the products’ shelf life. 

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for blister packaging has increased tremendously. Currently, around 70% of the blister packaging demand comes from the pharmaceutical industry. Given the rising pressure to manufacture more medications, product integrity and prolonged shelf life are imperative. This is especially true when most consumers store their medicines in a temperature variant atmosphere that can damage their quality.

“Blister packaging made from Herbert EPS 8760/KN75 adhesive system is a high quality and cost-effective alternative to plastic containers or bottles. This, combined with the security, integrity, and durability it presents, makes the innovative adhesive an attractive investment for companies in the industry looking to maximize efficiency while minimizing expenditure,” said Daniel Thong, regional market manager for Flexible Packaging Industrial Adhesives Asia, Bostik.

Bostik is exhibiting at Chinaplas 2021, held from 13 to 16 April 2021 in Shenzhen. The new Herberts EPS 8760/KN75 is showcased at Bostik’s booth 13H31.


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