Extension of Truking’s industry park in Changsha

Truking celebrates 20 years

Truking is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the ground-breaking dig for a new construction project. The pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer is extending its industrial park in the central Chinese city of Changsha, where eight new buildings will go up within the next five years.

Truking Technology, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a grand ceremony at its headquarters in Changsha, China. More than 2500 employees and guests from business and politics turned up to share in the celebrations on 28 April, when the highlight was the ground-breaking dig for the approximately 24-acre extension of Truking’s industrial park. A total of eight new buildings will go up within the next five years. Among them will be three production shops as well as an innovation and talent center. A fifth apartment building with accommodation for company employees will likewise be erected on the new site. There are also plans for a museum dedicated to the global pharmaceutical machinery industry.

Model of Truking’s new industry park (view from the street)

Success story is an international beacon

Truking was founded by Yue Tang and his team in Changsha on 28 April 2000. The foundation for the present industrial park in Ningxiang, a county-level city under the provincial administration of Changsha, was laid in 2003. All in all, the site has been extended six times over the last several years. Truking’s order intake has risen steadily to match. In 2014, the company was floated on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Today, Truking employs around 3000 people and generates approximately 250 million euros annually in revenues.

Model of Truking’s new industry park (top view)

From the outset, Truking has pursued a global trade strategy aimed at strengthening its position in the worldwide pharmaceutical markets. In this respect, the acquisition of the Romaco Group on 28 April 2017 marked a milestone in the company’s history, helping Truking to extend its international reach significantly. The two companies operate joint Sales & Service Centers in a number of countries and are represented by the same agents. Romaco specializes in pharma machinery manufacturing for processing, tableting and packing solid pharmaceuticals. The European group’s portfolio makes a perfect complement to Truking’s liquids range. Apart from the Romaco Group, Truking also owns five other subsidiaries in China. These strategic purchases paved the way for Truking’s transformation from a supplier of products to a system provider.

Truking – a high-tech system provider and its portfolio

Truking is an engineering group specialized in the handling of sterile and non-sterile liquids. The emphasis of this pharma machinery supplier is on the design of turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s portfolio is suited for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications such as freeze-dried products, BFS containers, vials, ampoules, infusion bags, and others. The product range includes filling and closing machines, isolators, freeze-dryers, sterilizers, bioreactors, water treatment and final packaging equipment. Moreover, Truking recently entered the fields of high-end biopharmaceutical equipment and medical robots. The design of highly automated production sites is one of the system provider’s core competencies. Truking’s vision is to make a decisive contribution to global health with its technologies and R&D activities.

Yue Tang, chairman of Truking Technology, was a speaker at the ceremony to mark the company’s 20th anniversary

“Truking’s goals have always been ambitious”, maintains Yue Tang, Truking Technology, chairman and founder. “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 20 years and we’re looking forward to what the next 20 will bring. Our vision of building smart factories with digitized production processes is currently driving us to record performance levels. So far, Truking has fulfilled all its objectives with a great deal of discipline and endurance. Those qualities are the basis for our success.”


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