GSK to produce 1 billion doses of vaccine adjuvant in 2021

Announcement follows completion of global manufacturing review

GSK R&D. Photo-GSK

GSK confirmed its intention to manufacture 1 billion doses of its pandemic vaccine adjuvant system, in 2021, to support the development of multiple adjuvanted Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

GSK believes that its pandemic adjuvant technology could make a significant contribution against Covid-19. As demonstrated in the last flu pandemic, GSK’s pandemic adjuvant can reduce the amount of vaccine protein required per dose, which allows more vaccine doses to be produced, contributing to protecting more people. Additionally, an adjuvant can enhance the immune response and has been shown to create a stronger and longer-lasting immunity against infections.

GSK has prioritized its efforts towards making it’s pandemic adjuvant technology available to partners developing promising Covid-19 vaccine candidates that are suitable for use with an adjuvant. To date, the company has formed several collaborations, including with scientific partners in North America, Europe and China, to develop vaccines. Discussions with potential partners on further collaborations are ongoing.

Confirmation of the enhanced manufacturing capacity follows completion of a review conducted across the company’s global supply network. GSK will manufacture, fill and finish adjuvant for use in Covid-19 vaccines at sites in the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Roger Connor, president, GSK Global Vaccines, said, “We believe that more than one vaccine will be needed to address this global pandemic and we are working with partners around the world to do so. We believe that our innovative pandemic adjuvant technology can help improve the efficacy and scale of multiple Covid-19 vaccines. With this significant expansion in our manufacturing capacity, we can help deliver up to 1 billion doses of adjuvanted vaccines through 2021, helping protect many more people and support the global effort to fight Covid-19.”

Given the unprecedented need to develop Covid-19 vaccines, GSK has started manufacture of the adjuvant at risk. The company is in discussions with Governments and global institutions about funding for production and supply of the adjuvant.

GSK is committed to making its adjuvant available through mechanisms that offer fair access for people across the world. Making the adjuvant available to the world’s poorest countries will also be a key part of these efforts, including donations, by working with governments and the global institutions that prioritize access.

According to the press statement, overall GSK does not expect to profit from sales of its portfolio of collaborations for Covid-19 vaccines made during this pandemic phase, as profit generated will be invested in support of coronavirus related research and long-term pandemic preparedness, either through GSK’s internal investments, or with external partners.


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