Shycocan launched in UAE to help curb Covid-19

Shycocan- An Indian virus attenuation device wins global acceptance

Dr Rajah Vijaya and Alok Sharma with the Shyocan virus attentuation device Photo Shyocan
Dr Rajah Vijaya and Alok Sharma with the Shyocan virus attentuation device Photo Shyocan

New Delhi, 27 April 2021, Shycocan, a breakthrough virus-attenuation device that disables the Covid-19 and influenza virus has been launched in the UAE at the International Conference of Pharmacy & Medicine (ICPM) in Sharjah. Invented and manufactured in India, the launch marks the Middle East debut of the product, which is apparently seeing robust demand from institutional buyers across the world in times of the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, the inventor of Shycocan, says, “Coronavirus-type outbreaks are occurring with faster intermittent frequencies. The Covid-19 strain is getting more infectious and deadlier with successive mutations in the last 17 years, underscoring the importance of a device like Shycocan. The biggest challenge of this virus is its infectivity or virulence. Breaking the chain of infectivity requires focused work on indoor environments because they carry the highest risk of transmission.

“In 2017, our campus in Bengaluru experienced many incidents of seasonal flu, compelling me to design, build and install the device which was later christened Shycocan. A year later, the incidence of seasonal flu was almost totally absent from the campus. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the device was sent for testing and regulatory compliances to global laboratories and found to be equally effective against it. It was overwhelming to realize that we had already created the world’s first technology to fight the pandemic long before imagining the possibility of such a crisis taking the entire world in its grip.”

A single device when mounted has an effective coverage area of 1,000 square feet (10,000 cubic feet). Multiple devices can be installed to cover a larger indoor space. The device has seen robust demand from institutional buyers across the globe and is already in use in countries such as India, the US, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Claimed to the first such device, the cylindrical Shycocan neutralizes and helps to curb the spread of both airborne and surface borne Coronavirus and Influenza family of viruses in indoor spaces with 99.9% efficacy. This would enable schools, colleges, homes, and businesses like hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants, auditoriums, transportation, and retail to create a safer environment for employees and customers.

Alok Sharma, chief executive officer of Shycocan says, “The world faced one of its biggest challenges with the pandemic, bringing us all to a standstill. More livelihoods than lives have been lost, in fact, close to a billion at the last count. Science, technology, and innovation are going to play a big role in helping us reclaim our lives and work safely. We are delighted to launch the pathbreaking one-of-a-kind virus-attenuation device, the Shycocan, in the UAE in the hope of helping people bring lives and businesses back to normal. And we couldn’t have found a more credible and relevant platform than the prestigious ICPM to showcase our cutting-edge technology.”

Dr. Abdullah Al Kindi, chairman and CEO, ICPM, says, “Mankind is facing one of the most challenging times – something that has impacted lives, livelihoods, and businesses at a global scale. We as global citizens need the best of science, technology, social responsibility, and willpower to fight it – and triumph. ICPM was established with responsibility towards humanity and with healthcare as its foundation. It gives me immense pleasure to launch Shycocan on this platform. It is a product with innovative technology and the capability to bring businesses and lives back to normal.”


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