Nichrome India focuses on solutions at CPHI and PMEC 2023

Talks about 360-degree problem-solving approach

Team Nichrome at CPHI and PMEC 2023 Photo- HTP

Pune-based packaging machine manufacturer Nichrome India took a different approach at CPHI and PMEC 2023, held in Greater Noida from 28-30 November. Instead of showcasing machines, the company opted to engage in discussions about its entire range of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company took this decision to allow Nichrome to have a more open and comprehensive conversation with visitors about their specific needs and challenges in the pharma industry. The company believes this approach will be beneficial in the long run as it can tailor its solutions to the specific needs of each customer.

This year, we have not demonstrated any machine at our stall as we wanted to talk about our whole gamut of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. We met a number of decision-makers and potential customers. We have tried to understand their needs and requirements,” said Parag Patwardhan, vice-president of sales and marketing, Nichrome India.

Elaborating on the company’s move not to display any machine at the event this year, Patwardhan said it was a conscious decision.

We have been exhibiting at the expo for many years and every time we have displayed one or more machines. When we display a machine or a bunch of machines, the discussion is always about that technology. This year, we wanted to talk about Nichrome’s complete array of solutions and opted not to demonstrate any machine. We wanted to have an open discussion with visitors about their problems and possible solutions,” he said.

Increasing automation in Indian packaging

Nichrome is optimistic about the future of the Indian pharma packaging industry as more and more patented drugs are going off-patent in the coming years. They are confident that their comprehensive range of solutions will be well-positioned to capitalize on this growth opportunity.

We see a lot of capacity ramp up in the next three to five years in the pharma industry. We are trying to align ourselves to capitalize on this growth opportunity,” he said.


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