Mylab partners with Serum India and APG to increase production of COVID-19 test kits

Ramping up test kits production from 1.5 lakh tests to 20 lakh tests in a week


To scale up the operations and escalate faster delivery of testing kits for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), Pune-based molecular diagnostics company Mylab Discovery Solutions has partnered with Serum India’s, chief executive officer, Adar Poonawalla and Abhijit Pawar, chairman of APG. Funds invested will be used for scaling the production of COVID-19 testing kits and the expansion of molecular diagnostic solutions.

“We are honored to stand by our prime minister and our government while supporting them during these trying times. This partnership will ensure we do our bit to help in this time of crisis,” said Abhijit Pawar, Chairman AP Globale, and managing director of Sakal Media Group.

Talking about the partnership, Poonawalla said, “In the next few weeks we will be ramping up the production of the Covid-19 testing kits taking from 1.5 lakh tests per week to 20 lakh tests per week. The shortage of testing kits will come to an end in a month or two.”

“This partnership can impact billions of people across the world, especially India,” said Hasmukh Rawal, managing director of Mylab Discovery Solutions. Mylab is the first Indian company to get commercial approval for its testing kits named as Mylab PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit. The testing kit is approved by Indian FDA and Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) and ICMR evaluation. “This will help Mylabs create a world-class organization, which will help India become a leader in molecular diagnostics,” Sujit Jain, director of Mylab Discovery solutions, said.

“Global innovation is the need of the hour to curb this pandemic that has affected millions across the world. The need for the maintenance and manufacturing of medical and healthcare equipment at the pace required to keep the numbers at bay has never been more important. Mylab and their team had shown innovative capabilities when they were able to develop a time-saving testing kit within six-weeks of its outbreak. Keeping in mind their flexible approach and quick response, I am certain that the company has a variety of similar innovation-driven projects which will help bring drastic improvements in the healthcare sector. The investment towards Mylab will enable them to build their infrastructure and expand their capabilities further,” Poonawalla said.

The Mylab manufacturing facility, approved by FDA/CDSCO is compliant with MDR 2017 regulation for Manufacturing Medical Device of Class A, B, C, and D and ISO 13485: 2016 certification. The legal advisory for this partnership was led by Hitesh Jain, managing partner, Parinam Law Associates.


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