Nova IVF Fertility launches podcast, ‘Fertility Tales’ 

Bid to destigmatize fertility treatment in India

Nova IVF Fertility has introduced 'Fertility Tales,' a podcast initiative aimed at spreading awareness about fertility treatment through engaging stories. Photo- CNY Fertility

Nova IVF Fertility, a fertility chain, has introduced ‘Fertility Tales,’ a podcast initiative aimed at spreading awareness about fertility treatment through engaging stories. The objective of the podcast is to create a comprehensive platform that would spread awareness about fertility through a series of interviews with multiple stakeholders who are involved in the industry. 

The platform aims to bring real patient stories and their experiences with IVF treatment and shall help other such patients who are looking at similar options.

Fertility Tales is a platform that features interviews with a diverse range of contributors, including doctors, embryologists, and patients in the fertility health space will become a repository of all the information that one needs to know about Assisted Reproductive Techniques.  

Vinayan Ramakrishnan, executive vice president of Marketing at Nova IVF Fertility, expressed the brand’s vision for Fertility Tales and said, “Every 1 in 6 Indian couples battle infertility issues. Currently, India conducts approximately 3 lakh IVF cycles per year. Yet, there’s a prevailing stigma around fertility treatments, and couples battling infertility often face societal judgment. Our podcast aims to change that narrative by providing high-quality education and awareness about fertility treatments, especially focusing on the science of ART. We aspire to normalize conversations around fertility treatments so that couples can get the right kind of information in their journey towards parenthood.”

Simrat Chamkur, the host collaborating with Nova IVF Fertility, brings her immense experience in communications and advertising along with expertise and understanding of the IVF sector to make the content both interesting and engaging. Fertility Tales is available on YouTube as well as major podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Google, and Gaana, etc.

Nova IVF Fertility is leveraging digital initiatives across these platforms to promote the podcast. In 11 weeks, the podcast has garnered around 15,000 subscribers, with videos amassing a cumulative view of 1.5 million.

As Nova IVF Fertility continues to lead the way in reproductive healthcare, Fertility Tales aligns with its vision to become the largest and most preferred global fertility healthcare platform driven by trust, science, and technology.


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