Fusion Health Care launches Xaravir & an immunity booster

The company inaugurates R&D facility in Hyderabad

Fusion Health Care
Madhu Ramadugu, managing director, Fusion Health Care. Photo - PTI

Hyderabad-based Fusion Health Care, a leading innovative pharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of its Favipiravir drug under the brand name Xaravir, for the treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 cases.

“It gives us immense satisfaction to launch ‘Xaravir’ as this drug has the potential to save precious lives. We have launched the product at an affordable price and strive to make it available in sufficient quantities to meet high demand for the drug in the Indian market,” stated Madhu Ramadugu, managing director of Fusion Health Care.

“We have developed a good recognition in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry with frequent launch of innovative products. In June 2019, we have launched Scorbix (Vitamin C 1.5 g injection) which is prominently used in the treatment of Sepsis backed up by clinical trials and global protocols. In the current pandemic situation, Scorbix is used in the treatment of Covid patients due to its antiviral mechanisms and strong immunity build up. Presently, Scorbix is widely used in all renowned Hospitals across India,” stated Krishnendu Paul, general manager of Fusion Health Care.

Fusion Health Care has introduced products in India including Scorbix (Vitamin C 1.5 g Injection), Difidox (Doxycycline Injection 100 mg) that are used in treating dengue, malaria, and fever of unknown origin, Staphonex (Flucloxacillin Injection 1 g/500 mg), ISEP (Isepamicin Injection 200/400 mg) and many more.

The company has recently launched an immunity booster product under the brand name D’FEND. It consists of Vitamin C 1000 mg + Zinc 10 mg, available in sugar-free orange flavor, in a tube of 20 effervescent tablets. The role and benefits of Vitamin C + Zinc have been published in many established journals that indicate to improve immunity and avoid Flu.

Marking its 13th anniversary, Fusion Health Care inaugurated its R&D facility in Hyderabad to bring innovative and affordable products for the Indian Market. Fusion Health Care claims to have a strong Pan-India presence with a field force of 600 employees and an innovative portfolio of critical care and cardio-diabetes products.

The company also has its 24-hour helpline “Fusion Cares” which will enhance access to its products, including Xaravir (Favipiravir) during these tough times.


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