OZiva expands plant-based nutrition portfolio

Superfood plant protein – Vegan clean protein blend

OZiva expands Plant based Nutrition portfolio with Superfood Plant Protein

OZiva, plant-based nutrition brand, has recently launched Superfood Plant Protein – Vegan clean protein blend with plant protein, Ayurvedic herbs, and multivitamins for holistic health and nutrition. According to the company, OZiva Superfood Plant Protein packs 20g of plant protein, 15 multivitamins, and minerals per serving. It is a plant-based complete protein with all essential amino acids combining pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, and mung bean protein isolate. Packed with the Ayurvedic herbs blend (Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Amla, Tulsi, and others), the product is designed specially to enhance immunity and energy.

Preservatives and artificial sweeteners free the newly launched plant protein from the brand contains zero trans fat and is non-GMO. Hence, the company claims that the OZiva Superfood Plant Protein is safe for all to consume.

Speaking of the product, Aarti Gill, spokesperson from OZiva, said, “As India’s leading plant-based nutrition brand, we constantly strive to raise our customer value proposition by introducing new and ground-breaking products. OZiva Superfood Plant Protein is our latest innovation, which is a specially crafted plant protein formula blended with standardized herbal extracts to fulfil the daily nutrition of consumers. The standardized herbal extract formula helps to improve immunity and digestion. We are confident that OZiva Superfood Plant Protein will receive an overwhelming response from our customers.”

OZiva Superfood Plant Protein is priced at Rs 699 for the 250g variant and Rs 1299 for the 500g variant.


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